Happy 17th Birthday To Cody Simpson! @codysimpson

codyHappy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Codyyyy…Happy Birthday to you! Cody Simpson turns 17 years old today!!! It seems like his fans are more excited about his birthday than he is. The star tweeted earlier today:

“Thank you for all the unbelievable birthday messages ladies, I really appreciate it. I’m a happy man today!”

Not only will Cody be celebrating his 17th birthday but he will also be documenting his 17th year in collaboration with AwesomenessTV as part of his new web series, XVII. Thus, we will get to see how Cody celebrates his day next week when the series actually premieres.

Happy Birthday Cody! May your day be filled with gifts, love, joy, happiness and of course – lots of cake!


Cody Simpson’s New Web Series ‘XVII’ Official Trailer – Watch Now! @codysimpson

codyAs you may already know, Cody Simpson has teamed up with AwesomenessTV for his new web series. After Cody’s “Paradise Series,” we are super excited for what his next web series will bring. What’s even more exciting is Cody now has an official trailer for the new online series! The trailer, titled XVII, is going to be based off of his birthday. XVII stands for the number seventeen and this star is turning 17 years old tomorrow and he will be documenting his 17th year!

Last year with his Paradise Series, Cody gave us a look at his life on the road, meeting fans and time in the studio so we can’t wait to see what this one will give us a look at. AwesomenessTV released the trailer with a sneak peek of what it will be with the description:

“Cody kicks off his acoustic tour this year! We’ll get the inside scoop on his day to day life! We’ll see him celebrate his 17th birthday, hang out on the tour bus, chill with his mates and meet lots of #Angels/Simponizers!”

Check out the official trailer for yourself in the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

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