Happy 21st Birthday To One Direction’s Liam Payne!

Wait, WHAT!? How did this happen? He was 17 yesterday!? No!

This is the hysteria that has taken over the internet during the early hours of today, August 29th, and more importantly Liam Payne’s 21st birthday!

Fans have been busy since yesterday as they got ready to flood twitter with “Happy Birthday, Liam” posts and pictures of his maturing looks from the last four years.

Liam and the rest of the boys of One Direction actually have a concert for their Where We Are tour tonight in Chicago. Last night, Liam’s mum and dad actually flew to Chicago to help there son celebrate this momentous birthday (it’s momentous in the states anyway!).

From all of us here at TI, Happy Birthday Liam! Have a great one and make sure you go buy a drink for yourself!

For the rest of us, lets just take a moment to watch Liam’s X Factor Audition when he was only 16 years old! My how the time flies!

One Direction’s Liam Payne Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge With Help From Fans!

Liam Payne was nominated by Cheryl Cole to partake in the ALS ice bucket challenge and got some fans to help him complete his challenge!

Check out the video, posted to Liam’s Instagram, below!

One Direction Sings Happy Birthday On Stage To One Lucky Fan! — Photos Here!

One Direction are quickly making their way through North America with the Where We Are Tour and singing to thousands of screaming fans on a nightly basis.  The five boys were in Nashville, Tennessee, the other night and brought one extremely lucky fan on stage to sing happy birthday.

Now, hold onto your hats because these pictures are the cutest thing to surface since puppy and kitten photos became a thing.

Cam is a three-year-old fan that the five boys got the entire stadium to sing happy birthday to!  I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sure this young fan will remember being on that stage for the rest of his life!  Only these five boys could make teenage girls jealous of a three-year old !


TI Exclusive! One Direction Concert: Floor Seats vs Top Section

November 2013 I woke up at seven in the morning to get the tickets.  I rushed over to my computer after being startled awake, just to get the chance at floor seats to One Directions Where We Are Tour 2014.  $600 later, my best friend and I had floor seats for the show on August 2 in Toronto, ON.  For the Take Me Home tour we had floor seats in Toronto as well, and heading up to Canada has kind of become a summer tradition for my and my three friends.

With our plans set and ready, all we had to do was wait nearly a whole year until we got to go see the loves of our lives in concert, again.

Skip ahead and now its July 31, my best friend finds out that tickets for the first concert in Toronto, and the first concert of the North American tour, have dropped to $32.  Why not?  So we grab the tickets for only $32 in what we call the ‘nose bleed’ seats.  They are all the way up in the 500’s section and on the corner of the stage.  Who cares though because we have floor seats for the next night, right?

Right.  We head to the concert and head all the way up to our top section.  Music is playing, girls are screaming, and the boys have not even gotten to Rogers Stadium.  The Macarena plays and for the first time I have enough room to dance around like the crazy person I am.  Every so often we hear an uproar of screams and look around expecting to see either the 1D boys or 5SOS.  But, we don’t care!  We are so far up that there is no chance of them seeing us, and honestly all we are going to be able to see are their small figures down below.

Finally 5SOS comes on and we just go crazy.  There is no one else in the row with us and so there is no one to get in my way as I jam out to my favorite song off of their debut album, “18,” no one to notice while tears stream down my face during “Amnesia,” and no one to comment on our voices as we scream the lyrics to “Good Girls.”

Then, when One Direction came on after a good 30 minute intermission, we rocked out to all of the songs we have been listening to since November 26. We sang every lyric, we danced without stopping, and we screamed without a care in the world.  We could see everything.  We could see all of the phone lights when a slow song was on, we could see every movement the boys made on stage, and I didn’t sweat through my shirt with all of the body heat that would have surrounded us on the floor. And, we only paid $32.

Here was our view from that first night:


But what about the second night?

Because we had already seen the show, we were slightly late, and after literally SPRINTING to our seats we made it just in time for 5SOS to open with the same song as yesterday “18.”

Before the show, we made a sign with an inside joke for Michael Clifford to see, a quote that he had posted on his twitter account and I kid you not the purpled haired ‘punk rock’ 18 year old saw the sign!  We paid extremely close attention the entire show and we watched as Michael looked multiple times right at us and then smiled at the sign.

Now, we had two other posters.  One that said it was my 20th birthday, my birthday is August 12 so it was only a Little White Lie (see what I did there?), and Liam Payne blew me a kiss!  The final sign was also an inside joke that Directioner’s everywhere will understand and it was meant for none other than Harry Styles.  The sign read “Sooooo…The weather?” and after staring at the sign for a good twenty seconds, none other than Harry Styles laughed and gave us a thumbs up!

Here is a photo taken of the stage from where we were the second night!

So, floor seats for $300 or top seats for $32?

It all depends on what you are going to the concert for.  If you want the small chance of being seen/noticed by the boys floor seats are for you.  If you are going to rock out and dance like a crazy person to the music, top seats are where you should be.

I have to say that even though I got a blown kiss and a thumbs up from Liam and Harry, the first concert was just as much fun!  We were able to dance and jump around without sweating like we were stranded in the amazon and it didn’t take more than five minutes to get out of the venue.

On the floor, we were squished like sardines between the seats and it was HOT.  And I am talking the Sahara hot.  Although we still danced and sang like the crazy people we are, it was hot!

So really it is all up to you! Both concerts were absolutely amazing and I would go to that concert about five more times if school/work would allow it! (I did actually end up going for a third time in NJ at the MetLife stadium, but that is another whole story!)

Did you get to attend the Where We Are Tour yet or are you going to?  Where were/are your seats?

(Did I mention Ashley Benson, of “Pretty Little Liars” was at the concert and she was laughing at my best friend and I as we made fools of ourselves while dancing along to One Direction?)

5SOS Hangs Out With The Red Sox!

Today, August 9, the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer headed over to Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts and spend the day with Wally the green monster! Tonight was the last of three shows at the Gillette Stadium for the Where We Are Tour in Boston and the boys of 5SOS along with 1D will now be headed to Washington, D.C for their show on Monday August 11!

Being internationally known would be amazing, I mean look at all the cool stuff these boys get to do!

What would you do if you were famous!? Sound off in the comments below!

Luke Hemmings Of 5SOS Is ‘The Cereal Man?!’

Today, August 7, 5 Seconds of Summer uploaded the picture above to their band account. Apparently, the three boys have dubbed youngest member, Luke Hemmings, ‘The Cereal Man.’  I guess they send one member to the wolves, well the band of girls that seems to follow them wherever they go, to go pick up some cereal.

As long as the giant blonde Australian got back to the room safely!

The four boys are currently with One Direction in Boston, Massachusetts getting ready for the sixth show of the North American Where We Are Tour while they sell out arenas around the world for their first headlining tour set for next summer!

One Direction Back On The Big Screen For Two Nights Only!

Where We Are: The Concert Film is headed to cinemas for one weekend only.  Following their hit documentary, This Is Us, this film is a chance for fans to see what the Where We Are Tour was all about, even if they could not see it live. Director Morgan Spurlock returns for this documentary so we know it is sure to be a hit!

One Direction, coming to a theater near you October 11 and 12!

5SOS Are Headed To New York!

Luke, Ashton, Michael, and Calum of 5 Seconds of Summer are headed state-side.  The boys will be appearing on the TODAY Show this Tuesday, July 22, and are currently on their way to New York!

The boys have a few different events coming up this week, including the TODAY Show and Jimmy Kimmel, before they are reunited with One Direction for the North American leg of the Where We Are Tour.

One Direction Wraps Up European Leg Of WWA Tour In Portugal! — Photos Here!

Tonight, July 13, One Direction wrapped up the European leg of their Where We Are Tour in Porto, Portugal.  Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn have been to South America, The UK, and all over Europe so far in the last four months.  The boys have about three weeks until the North American leg of the tour begins in Toronto, Ontario on August 1.

Check out the photos below of tonight’s show!

Fans Get Pictures With Harry Styles Outside Of Portugal Hotel!

A few luck One Direction fans got the chance to take a few pictures with Harry Styles today, July 13.  The 21-year-old is currently in Portugal for the bands final European tour of their Where We Are Tour.  After their show tonight, the boys will have a few days off before jetting off to North America for their first show in Toronto, Ontario for the North American leg of the tour.

Check out the photos below of Harry outside the hotel with fans!

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