Alli Simpson’s Got A New Blog With Disney Playlist! Check It Out!

alli simpsonAlli Simpson is simply amazing! This awesome girl has went from helping fans shed pounds and making music to having her own show on Radio Disney! Now, Alli’s ready to sit down at her computer weekly to share some great blogs with you on Disney Playlist!

Have you seen her first blog yet? You can check it out on Disney Playlist right HERE!

Lea Michele Is Writing Another Book!


Glee star Lea Michele has been on a roll this year. From her work on FOX’s Glee to creating her own music and even writing a book, Lea is sharing some good news with her fans. The star made an exciting announcement earlier on Twitter. Here is what she had to say:

That’s right! Lea will be writing another book! After having huge success with her first book, Brunette Ambition, and it even being a New York Times Bestseller, we have no doubt that the next one will be amazing. We are super excited to find out what it will be about and what the title will be. Be sure to check back with TI for more updates!

One Direction Are Writing With McBusted!



It’s official, One Direction and McBusted are teaming up to create new music! Niall Horan says, “Weย worked with McFly on the last album but now itโ€™s all about McBusted. Itโ€™s something really cool for me because the first gig I ever went to was Busted and McFly.” How exciting!

1D have already written 3 songs for a new McBusted album and are currently discussing plans for more musical collaborations. We can’t wait to hear them!

Debby Ryan Shares Heartfelt Words On Tumblr



Sometimes the most meaningful words come not only from the mind, but from the heart. Debby Ryan took to her Tumblr today to share some very heartfelt words of her own in a post entitled “A Year Later.” Check out what she has to say below for a bit of inspiration:

I donโ€™t know what weโ€™ll be to each other. When all is said and done; when the flowers have wilted and the lace has yellowed and weโ€™re both just summarized on a stone in the yard as a pile of relationships, I donโ€™t know what mine will say about you.
Maybe you were my one great love.
Maybe you were my first great love.
Maybe you were my greatest heartbreak. Maybe youโ€™re my forever.

But a year ago, I decided that I didnโ€™t care. Whatever it would end up, I wanted to love you into that superlative. I didnโ€™t know who you would be to me, but I wanted to know who you were. I wanted to know who I was with you.

Twelve months and seventeen goodbyes later. One move and two promises: a promise to wait and a promise to come home.

Youโ€™ve loved me perfectly. Youโ€™ve spent a year sitting in the sun with me, seeing through my trick lighting, holding strong in the wind, chasing away my rainclouds, and in my grayest moments, just sitting with me in the downpour.

Youโ€™re the most important thing to happen to my heart since I locked it away. Itโ€™s that I was a ghost and you loved me back to life.

So I could have years of flowers and lace, you may have decades before the stoneโ€ฆ but after this one year of us, I can definitely say
You were love to me.

Jake Miller: Writing In the Studio @jakemiller

bef80ad8a00d11e3a368122b4cdd1683_8He’s once again back in the studio, perhaps for another late night without sleep? Hopefully, he was able to kill some time and take a nap or two during the day. Now, he’s there once more, this time on a writing kick. Could it be lyrics to new music he’s working on? We don’t know, but hopefully we’ll find out soon enough what his new tracks will be like. Are you excited to hear new music from Jake?

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