RADIO DISNEY: Joey Bragg Joins Maddy For The Morning Show!

joey and maddyMake sure you’re tuned into Radio Disney this coming Monday (July 14th), Tuesday (July 15th) AND Wednesday (July 16th) mornings! Why? Because your favorite adorable older brother from Disney Channel’s Liv  & Maddie, Joey Bragg, will be guest hosting along with Radio Disney personality Maddy during those nice morning hours!

Joey went on Twitter yesterday to announce this news and shared a fun take on Radio Disney’s morning show above!

So, wake up early, get a nice breakfast and tune into Joey & Maddy in the morning on Radio Disney!

Emblem3: Want A Taste Of #Bandlife? @EmblemThree

Emblem 3This Wednesday, February 5th, Emblem3 will be hanging out on their Ustream channel. They’re ready to give you a taste of #bandlife! You want it? Head to their channel here:! Hope it tastes good!

Remember, their #Bandlife Tour 2014 will begin February 8th!! Are you going?

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