Jake Miller: Great End To A Warner Bros. Tour

jake miller joey gandolfo edgar estevesThe VIP tour of the Warner Bros. Studio came to an end, but Jake Miller and his friends got a great deal out of it. Jake, Joey Gandolfo and Edgar Esteves pose for a trio selfie showing off some new gifts given to them by Warner Bros.. Jake tweets:

Look at that! You got yourselves some souvenirs! They look great on you guys!

Jake Miller Visits Warner Bros. Studio

jake millerToday, Jake Miller’s got himself out of the house, and studio, to take a nice tour through the Warner Bros. Studio. Before the tour, Jake shows off relaxing pose on top of the Warner Bros. Studios sign. The tour, according to him, is a VIP tour and just one of the “Perks of being signed to Warner Bros”.

Hope you have fun on the tour, Jake! Make sure you get a souvenir!

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