Aaron Carter Volunteers At The Los Angeles Mission

Today Aaron Carter took some time off from his busy schedule of recording, touring, and meeting his fans to give to those in need. Aaron spent the day volunteering at The Los Angeles Mission in Southern California. Aaron worked with other celebs, volunteers, and workers to serve food to the homeless and those less fortunate.

We love seeing stars give back. Awesome job Aaron! 🙂

Joe Jonas Interviews Amazing Youth Leaders On Stage At We Day Seattle — Watch Now + See Pics!

Joe Jonas was on hand for We Day in Seattle, Washington at KeyArena on Friday (March 21) to help honor and celebrate all the amazing young people who have dedicated countless hours to charitable initiatives and volunteer opportunities — some straight out of their own brilliant minds and launched out into the world out of the passion and goodness in their hearts!

Joe took the stage to interview three such kids — Daniel Franco, Adora Svitak (@adorasv), and Nandie Oosthuizen (@NandieNow) — who have accomplished so much and made incredible changes in the world around them.

“Thank you #weday for having me back.. great speaking to you all! Seattle was so loud!” Joe tweeted out afterward.

Watch the video below to hear them talk about their important work with Joe and check out the gallery afterward for more pics of Joe on stage and off at this awesome event!

Fashion Note: Joe is wearing General Idea, Bumsuk Choi and Lacoste.

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