Dig The Vamps’ New Look? Check It Out Here!

10593488_1502057296706886_1271131445_nSo, what do you think of The Vamps new look? Is it not enough or already way over the top? Maybe a new hat would do the trick? Okay, okay, we’re done teasing the guys. From the shared Instagram pic above, it seems another #VampsVsCrew challenge didn’t go as expected.

The guys sometimes do fun challenges against their crew and the loser pays the price. This challenge was special though as it was in honor of their manager, Joe O’Neill’s birthday. We’re sure you can see what happened to the non-winner of this challenge. Despite the awkwardness, The Vamps were good sports letting the crew dress them in new outfits.

What do you guys think of this crazy new look for The Vamps?

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