What’s It Like To Have Joe Jonas As Your Uber Driver? Get A First Look Here!

Remember that time Joe Jonas became an Uber driver back in January and took some lucky people in Los Angeles on a Pinkberry run in a sweet Mini Cooper Paceman? Well, he’s finally giving everyone a first look at his adventures as a registered driver for the app-based car service on his new website called, hilariously, imnotjoejonasjustkiddingiam.com. Got that?

You can watch the whole video below now. It’s funny, bizarre, and totally Joe, through and through. We hope, with the introduction of the website, it’s just the first of many in a series!

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Joe Jonas: From The Jonas Brothers To… Uber Car Driver?

It’s been a few months since the Jonas Brothers officially announced the breakup of the band and while Joe Jonas has already jumped back in the studio to hopefully start cooking up some more solo music, it seems the 24 year-old entertainer has found another job, too, and he’s… driving for Uber?

Uber is an app-based car service which connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire, and when one Los Angeleno ordered a car for some friends yesterday (January 16th), who showed up in a Mini Cooper to take them to Pinkberry and snap a cute pic (seen above)? None other than Joe Jonas!

While it’s still unclear if it was a promotional stunt or Joe signed up to drive for Uber to have a little fun, we think we all can agree when we say that we wish his name would pop up the next time we call for an Uber car! And also, riders, how does he only have a 3-star rating? Froyo and selfies with Joe Jonas? 5 stars from us!

Check out the screencap of the Uber confirmation below:

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