Megan Nicole Gets Eye-Catching Makeup Tips Thanks To ‘Teen Vogue’ — Watch Now!

meganApparently, Megan Nicole was in need of some help with her beauty crisis. Megan wants the look that is eye-catching, yet simple and easy to apply. Thanks to beauty editors, Elaine Welteroth and Phillip Picardi, of Teen Vogue, they have the ideal look for Megan she can do easily by herself.

Check out this how-to video with Teen Vogue below. Perhaps you’ll enjoy trying it out yourself.

Makeup Tutorial With Brandi Cyrus & Kirsten Kelly — Watch Here!!


Kristen Kelly and Brandi Cyrus put together a makeup tutorial for a great everyday look. Watch Kristen in the video below do Brandi’s makeup. When you read the about after you watch the video, the gorgeous girls tell you all the makeup they used and where you can purchase it.

Watch Mandy Jiroux’s Dance Tutorial of Pharrell’s “Come Get It Bae” — Watch Here!

Mandy Jiroux

Popular dancer and actress, Mandy Jiroux makes Dance tutorials/videos every week and uploads them to YouTube. She has started to grow a following lately strictly for/from her dancing. In her most recent Dance Tutorial she covered Pharrell’s song (ft. Miley Cyrus); “Come Get It Bae”. The video can be found below!!!

Teala Dunn Filmed New Hair & Makeup Tutorials


Teala Dunn filmed two new videos today, July 19th. One of the videos was a hair tutorial video and the other was a makeup tutorial.

We are unsure what hair style she did for her hair tutorial video but she hinted at it being a how to curl your hair with no heat video. We will just have to wait and see!

For her makeup tutorial she just did an everyday makeup look. You can view the finished makeup look in the photo above and below! We can’t wait for the videos to come out.

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