Drew Chadwick Shows Off Sculpted Upper Body With A Selfie — See The Pic!

drew chadwickWARNING! WARNING! Try not to drool all over the keyboard, Emblems!

Drew Chadwick, of Emblem3, shares a new photo of himself yesterday (April 28th) on Instagram, giving us a glimpse into the future of the Muscle & Fitness magazine. He says he’s been training himself for the mag, having already added five pounds with ten more to go. There’s no doubt he has a wonderfully sculpted upper body thanks to the training and we can’t wait to see how he looks when it is complete!

By the way, is anybody even reading this?

We’ve Got Your Ticket To The Nick Jonas Gun Show — Check Out These Hot Post-Gym Pics!

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is working out, training, and getting ready for his upcoming starring role as a mixed martial arts fighter for DirecTV’s Navy Street, and while production doesn’t start until May, it’s already helping us score some prime pics of Nick post-sweat sesh!

Nick was spotted (Jo)bro-ing out in a backwards baseball cap while leaving his West Hollywood, CA gym on Monday afternoon (March 3) after a session with his trainer. Thanks to his Nike 5th Avenue Iron Runners NYC muscle tee, we were treated to a front row seat to the gun show — and it’s a pretty glorious show, indeed.

Check out the pics of Nick (and his beefy biceps) outside the gym in the gallery below now… at your own risk!

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