New Kids On The Block Press Conference In NYC! Pics Here!

New+Kids+Block+Press+Conference+dKTA1X-UNnpl(L – R) Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight, and Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block pose for a photo during a press conference at Madison Square Garden in New York City on January 20th.

More pics below!

Shawn Mendes Announces #ShawnsFirstHeadlines 2015 Tour Dates!

shawnSo, we’re sure pretty much everybody is already on a roll in purchasing their tickets for Shawn Mendes‘ first solo headlining tour, correct? If not, then make sure you do! His tour dates are out and there’s even talk from Shawn saying the first 50 fans in each city to buy a ticket will get a free meet and greet with him! How cool is that?

Not only that, but buy your ticket and you get a physical copy of his album included! So, make sure you head to and check out which cities Shawn is heading to this year!

Check out a video of #ShawnsFirstHeadlines dates below!

Band WAR GAMES Release “Foundations” Single, Album Cover Art & Tour Dates!


Progressive indie rockers, WAR GAMES have released the first single titled, Foundationswhich is off their upcoming full-length. The track was premiered last week via Absolute Punk and is now available via itunes (HERE) along with all major digital distributors including Spotify and Bandcamp. Guitarist Ian Provost states “‘Foundations’ is one of the first songs we wrote for the album. We feel it’s a great spokesperson for it in that it represents the overall feel of the record being being dark yet uplifting, like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!” Previous engineer for War Games, Ryan Sitkowski (lead guitarist of Motionless in White) continues “I have spent countless hours listening through the song ‘Foundations’ and still have yet to get bored or sick of it.” Josh Balz (War Games’ manager and keyboardist of Motionless in White) closes with “‘Foundations’ is a full sounding, well produced and well written song”.

In addition to the release of “Foundations”, War Games also reveal the cover artwork (which you can check out above) of the full-length, Holding Patterns, due out March 10th, 2015 and announce a pre-sale of the album via Etsy HERE. “Now that we have all the recording done, we’ve been listening to the songs in the order that they will be on the album and it flows really well. It feels cohesive!” mentioned Ian, which was concerning him since the album was tracked at three different studios. He continues, “We’ve put a lot of work into the record over the last year and a half, and our CD release show March 6th at The Met in Pawtucket, RI is going to be the perfect way to wrap up the last year of our lives.” The release show will allow attendees to get their hands on a tangible copy of the Holding Patterns full-length days prior to the actual release. War Games will also be touring the UK in support of the release. Dates and info are now available below!

March 2015 UK TOUR DATES

  • 3/10 Yardbirds – Grimsby
  • 3/11 The Leopard – Doncaster
  • 3/12 The Labour Club – Northampton
  • 3/14 Good Ship – Kilburn
  • 3/15The New Cross Inn – London
  • 3/16 Sticky Mikes – Brighton
  • 3/19 Milo’s Bar – Leeds
  • 3/21The Fiddler’s Elbow – Camden
  • 3/22 Brighton – Venue TBA
  • 3/23 The Underground – Stoke on Trent
  • 3/24 South Sea Live – Sheffield

More dates are to be announced!


Jake Miller’s Returned To L.A., Got More Music To Come!

jakemiller1So, Jake Miller‘s touched down in L.A. today, January 18th and this young rapper’s ready to head back to the music studio for an entire month to create even more awesome music for everybody!

Not only that, but he’s already being hopeful about a new tour that might be heading our way very soon! Do we dare to dream?

What do you think? Are you looking forward to checking out his new music?? Will it be greater than Lion Heart? Guess we’ll just have to wait to find out!

Before You Exit’s European VIP Tour Tickets Almost Gone!

before you exit grimmieJanuary 26th begins Before You Exit‘s European Tour 2015! But the guys shared on their Twitter recently that the VIP tickets are almost sold out! So make sure you grab yours while you still can! Just head HERE and see if your city’s VIP is still available!

Fifth Harmony Announces ‘The Reflection Tour’ Coming This Spring!


The ladies of Fifth Harmony – Lauren, Dinah, Camila, Normani and Ally – warned their fans that 2015 was going to big and they just made it big! Today (January 7), Fifth Harmony shared some super exciting news with all their fans – they will be hitting the road for their first headlining tour called The Reflection Tour!

The tour will feature opening acts by Jasmine V., Jacob Whitesides and Mahogany Lox. To make the announcement even more fun, Fifth Harmony along with their opening acts put together an awesome cover music video of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.”

Be sure to check out their cover by watching the video below and get ready for Fifth Harmony’s The Reflection Tour coming this Spring!

TI Exclusive: The Grape And The Grain On Upcoming Tour!

With their self-titled, full length album out, The Grape and The Grain is ready to get on the road for their 2015 tour! Melding blues, folk and hard rock, this band of multi-instrumentalists have created a balanced album that rock fans are able to connect with.
This TI Exclusive is all about The Grape and The Grain.  From their beginning in 2012 to their upcoming tour, we have the latest scoop!
Where did the name “The Grape and The Grain” come from? 
The grape represents wine, and the grain is whiskey or beer. There’s a saying that you shouldn’t mix the grape and the grain when drinking, and that saying became a long running joke in the band ‘3’ after a night of drinking the grape and the grain.
You are all extremely talented musically, what are some of the drawbacks of this?  
I guess being artistic in anyway can sometimes make a person kinda weird…
But that’s not really even a drawback. I think that just makes a person more interesting.
Does it make things easier that you are all really musically talented?
In life? Probably not! But, when there’s a group of people, and you’re working together writing songs it definitely can make things easier.
How has “The Grape and The Grain” changed since it began in 2012?
In 2012 The Grape and The Grain started as just a thing for me to do for fun. I wanted to learn how to write songs really, and I sorta dived in on my own, and started this as more of a recording project at first. But, it quickly grew into something more, and I knew I really wanted to play these songs live. Thankfully my best buds in the world are some of the best musicians I know. I was lucky enough to just have to give my friends a call. Since then it’s become a band. There’s now multiple writers and musicians. We recently recorded this album, and it’s the first that we’ve done as a full band.
We have also done a little bit of touring since 2012, and we’ll continue to do so in 2015.
What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
I kind of hope that everyone takes away something different. Most of the songs are stories lyrically. Some of them are based on true stories and some of them are just made up. I like to think that with some stories you can take away your own meaning from them. Whether it’s just for entertainment or maybe something deeper hopefully people can connect to this album.
Where will your February/March tour take you? 
We will be mostly staying in the north east this time around. The full schedule will be posted on our Facebook page soon.
What are you looking forward to from this tour? 
I love to be on the road. I love to travel and play shows so I look forward to touring in general. There’s always something weird or crazy that happens when touring and great stories always come out of it.
What is your favorite thing about studio time/live performances? 
My favorite part of being in the studio is really the whole creative process. The songs start as just an idea in someone’s head, and watching them come to life in the studio can be really fun, and a really cool experience.
Live performance is something completely different. I love it just as much. The live show is the moment, where as in the studio you’re trying to create something.  Make sure it’s perfect, make sure it’s what you wanted. Performing live, it’s a split second and it’s gone. It’s very exciting and nothing can match the feeling of a great show.
To Connect With The Grape And The Grain: 

Popular Anti-Bullying ‘Teen Nation Tour’ Set To Hit Road Again In 2015!


In 2009, a man named Lee Wilson came face-to-face with the harshness of bullying when his own son faced a situation with a bully that turned physical. With this happening, Mr. Wilson stepped up, this experience pulling him to create a community program that needed to make kids and teens aware of the bullying within their own communities, including ways to help prevent it. Thus, the Teen Nation Tour was born!

The Teen Nation Tour is a peer-to-peer community service program that prides itself on educating and entertaining youth about bullying in a way students can relate and that is through the power of music.

Aiming toward schools, this tour features young music artists from across the country who are known for their top music hits appearing on radio shows, YouTube, television and more. Not only do these amazing young people take the time to share their experiences and knowledge of bullying, they also perform concerts at different venues.

They recently ended their 2014 Tour in December. Now, the Teen Nation Tour will be ready to hit the pavement starting this January 2015 coming to a city near you with their 2015 Teen Nation “”Timeout” To End Bullying” Campaign. Their plans are all set to visit over 20,000 kids in schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, children’s hospital and other youth organizations. An amazing part of this tour is where Teen Nation will choose a nominated student in each city they visit to award the Teen Excellence award.

The tour plans begin on January 12th making stops in Dallas, Texas; San Antonio, Texas and Austin, Texas then picking back up in the fall heading up the west coast to Boise, Idaho; Salt Lake City, Utah; Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix, Arizona and so many more wonderful places!

Many performers will be joining the Tour this year, including the face of the Teen Nation Tour and headliner, JRyan. Others joining in on this fantastic campaign are Dylan Rey, Simply Rayne, Aingea Venuto, Celeste Kellogg, Jared Salas, RebelMann, Faith Marie, Jeremiah Jay, Savannah Garza, Rudi Alizah, Colton Jacobson, Kaylin Roberson and Delaney Ann!

It’s truly amazing what Teen Nation Tour has accomplished so far in the last few years for many communities. They began with only with a few cities back in 2012, but Teen Nation Tour has grown in 2014 to reach more than half a million people — more than 330 schools and venues in over 40 cities in 22 states! And this year, they’re ready to reach even further!

Perhaps one day, every community in the country will join them in the fight against bullying; helping to raise awareness and learning prevention methods.

Did you know that bullying has become one of the greatest widespread issues children, teens and young adults face a lot of these days? What some people don’t know is that it can happen anywhere, not only in school or on the bus. Bullying has no limitations or restrictions as it can range from simple teasing and name-calling to a severe physical altercation to a nasty text message you receive on your phone.

Many different forms of bullying exist that you or someone you know might be dealing with/have dealt with such as:

  • Verbalinsults, mean jokes, teasing, etc.
  • Physicalhitting, kicking, physical attack upon a person, etc.
  • Indirectcruel rumors, purposeful exclusion from group/activities, etc.
  • Cyberbullying an electronic medium-type of bullying which can consist of text messages, emails, chatrooms, IMs, etc. Also fits in with “Indirect” bullying.

If you or someone you know has experienced any form of bullying, help make a stand and say “TIMEOUT!” as it’s time to stop!

For more information on the amazing Teen Nation Tour, please head to!

One Directions Begins Rehearsals For Upcoming ‘On The Road Again’ Tour!


It may be a new year but 2015 is already off to a great start. With so many new and upcoming things to look forward to, one of the things we sure are looking forward to is One Direction going on tour for their On The Road Again Tour! The band shared a photo of themselves already rehearsing for the upcoming tour. Along with the photo, 1D wrote:

“New year new tour … #OnTheRoadAgainRehearsals”

The tour kicks off July 9th in San Diego and will make 17 stops along the way!

Before You Exit & Christina Grimmie Heading On European Tour Soon!

before you exit grimmie2015 is bound to be an awesome year for Before You Exit and their fans! In less than a month, Before You Exit will be heading on their Europe/UK tour overseas with the one and only Christina Grimmie beginning on January 26th in Helsinki!

So, grab your tickets oversea fans at!

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