The Vamps: Send In Your Selfies For A Surprise Friday

the vampsThe Vamps want your selfies and they want them now! Why, you must be wondering? Apparently, something awesome is supposed to be going down on Friday, but it is unknown. The band did say they would reveal all the details tomorrow.

For now, they would like you to send in your selfies if you want to be involved! So, start sending them in with the hashtag #MeetTheVamily! We will keep you updated on what The Vamps have in store for Friday!

Lea Michele’s Thrilling News


Lea Michele had a wonderful day today with the release of her album, Louder. She was so happy with how everything turned out,  saying it was a dream come true. And now, with its success, Lea Michele was thrilled to announce about some special appearances happening this summer!

We will keep you up to date on Lea Michele’s awesome announcement! Were you able to get Louder and meet Lea today?

Lea Michele: LOUDER Signings To Be Announced

BhBjBmuCYAA6jAiAs the release date for Lea Michele’s solo debut album Louder draws near on March 4th, the singer brings news of great joy for fans. Lea Michele will be holding signings for Louder in California, New York and New Jersey. When will they take place? She hasn’t dished out all the details yet, but more info will come once it is available. We will keep you up to date on the announcement of the signings.

Stefanie Scott: Sixth Winner In Fan-FREAKING-Tastic Giveaway Being Announced Today @StefanieScott

6The next item up in Stefanie Scott’s Fan-FREAKING-Tastic Giveaway! The sixth winner will be announced later today, Monday February 10th around 6 p.m. PST! Still haven’t entered? Head to Stefanie’s website: and click the link to enter! Good luck to you all!

Stefanie Scott: Fifth Winner In Fan-FREAKING-Tastic Giveaway Being Announced Today @StefanieScott

5giveThe fifth winner of Stefanie Scott’s Fan-FREAKING-Tastic Giveaway will be announced tonight around 6 p.m. Above is what you could win if you’re the fifth winner! Haven’t entered at all yet? No problem! Head to Stefanie’s website: and click on the link to enter the giveaway! It’s that easy!

Are you already entered?

Fifth Harmony Has A Special Event Planned @FifthHarmony

fifthFifth Harmony has just announced on Twitter about a special House of Harmonizers event that will take place on January 30th.  They tweeted:

Well, we’ll just have to wait for more details, won’t we? Are you excited?

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