TI Exclusive: Interview With Alec Chambers — Read Here!!

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Meet Alec Chambers, the virtuosic 19-year-old singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who could understand chord charts well before he could operate a motor vehicle. Chambers recently released his much-anticipated first single “Whole Again.” Below is our exclusive interview with Alec!

Hi Alec, it’s nice to talk to you how are you doing?
Heyyyyyyy. I’m doing great! working on a lot of cool things. Excited that the EP is finally out. 🙂
What was the process to get your new ep all together?
I’ve been writing for this EP for about 2 years. After gathering about 40 or so songs, my manager and I sat down and chose the 4 that we thought really represented who I want to be as an artist. The kind of music I want to make. We recorded the EP in Brooklyn with Rob Guariglia. It was 8 hours days, 4 days a week for about 2 months straight. it was awesome.
How has the reaction of your EP been? Is it what you expect or better?
It’s been really great. It was exactly what I expected. A lot of people really don’t know who I am yet, but this record definitely allowed me to get to the next stage of my career. Really pleased with the response.
We see you have a few shows coming up, what are you looking forward to the most?
I’m looking forward to playing out, and getting myself in front of people and singing from my heart.
Have you had any weird or odd fan experiences?
Haha. Uh. No
Is there one thing that you have to bring with you when going away for shows? 
Not really. Just my guitar. I need that….
Being that you just released your EP can we expect an album next?
Probably another EP! I have no plans to record one yet, but I’m hoping soon.
What are the next things you will be working on being that you just finished your EP?
Playing more shows, working to get my music heard, writing. Everything. Everything that I was still doing before the ep was out…. 🙂
Thanks so much Alec for taking the time to chat with TeenInfoNet!

TI Exclusive: Interview With Meredith O’Connor — Read Here!

meredithEighteen-year-old Meredith O’Connor is an upcoming singing sensation that debuted her first hit single “Celebrity” just a couple years ago in 2013. She has come a long way since then creating hit singles such as “The Game” and “Just The Thing”, the inspiration coming from her own experiences as a bullied teen. Currently, she’s finished her first part of a UK tour!

TeenInfoNet was lucky to get a chance to speak to Meredith about her music, anti-bullying, what we can see from her and more! Check out what she had to say below!

TI:  Everybody gets to a point in their life when they realize there is one thing they want to do. How did you realize that music would become a part of yours?
Meredith: I discovered that I loved performing, in general, at a very young age, maybe 7 or 8. I initially loved to dance, but the only problem is I was not very good at it. My first time singing in public was in a local community production of Little Shop Of Horrors, I played the dynamic role of Plant number one. However, I enjoyed it so much that I literally begged my parents to let me audition for a theatre company in New York City. I was then cast in the company of “Turtle Shell Productions” and one show led to another. It became my life. I loved to sing and wanted to get really good at it, in the hopes of landing lead roles within the company’s productions.
TI: How did you feel when your debut single “Celebrity” became a great hit?
Meredith: Since “Celebrity” was the first song I have ever written, it was intended as just a fun experiment. After being scouted to model (by an agent during one of the matinees) I met Rick Galvin, the owner of CG talent management while I was modeling at a benefit fashion show for Bright Pink and the foundation he ran (The Carol Galvin Foundation). I told him I had one song written about my first breakup (I was fourteen at the time) and he introduced me to my first recording contract. It was experimental, so when it reached over two million views and was on rotation for radio stations all around New York, I had this incredible boost of confidence. I was overwhelmed at first, because I really didn’t expect the attention I got from it, but now I see it as something that led to so much more!
TI: Being a songwriter, as well as a singer, do you write all your own music? How about writing  for other artists? 
Meredith: My first EP (including “Celebrity”) was written by me entirely. After that they paired me up with Heather Holley and we wrote “Just The Thing”. She is the co-writer of many of Christina Aguilera’s songs and her music also has an empowering message behind it that can be found in “Just The Thing” and the rest of my songs on my upcoming album.
TI: We understand that most of your music is in dedication to the cause of anti-bullying. When did you first come to the conclusion that music would be your platform to help spread awareness? 
Meredith: I wrote “The Game” right after “Celebrity” found its viral success. Growing up as a victim of bullying, I often wished there were a teen out there that I could look up to.  I spoke about bullying because I knew that there were people listening to the song “Celebrity” that were the same age I was when I was bullied.  I felt that I owed it to myself, to them, and to my own conscience to put out a song that I wished I heard when I was bullied. So that is really what the message behind “The Game” is.
TI: You have an anti-bullying anthem known as “The Game” that came out in 2013. How do you feel this song differs from any other that may have been written on, or hinting, at the subject?
Meredith: The song “The Game” was written to my younger self. I was bullied maliciously for reasons that are so silly, and thought I did something to deserve it. The Game basically says everything I needed to hear to not feel the pain I did. Hearing about bullying from someone who hasn’t gone through it themselves will never carry the same amount of weight. Because it is easy to feel alone when you are being picked on. But, hearing that someone they look up to was also bullied is sometimes all they need to feel like they aren’t the only one who has fought the battle.
TI: With your dedication to anti-bullying, you not only perform your music but take the time to speak out to your fans about the issue. How does it make you feel knowing that you are helping to make a difference in their lives?
Meredith: Before I released “The Game” I was terrified honestly. I hadn’t told or talked about being bullied to anyone. Not even my parents, because of how ashamed I felt of myself. I knew that millions were listening, and to say it to that big of an audience was a huge leap of faith, being that I still wasn’t convinced that the terrible things they called me weren’t true. Once it came out, and after seeing thousands of messages to my email, my managers’ email, Facebook, etc- hearing stories of how the listeners related, are going through bullying, have confidence issues and what have you, I was amazed. I genuinely thought I was the only one who could be such an outcast- but my fans taught ME something. And they still do, at every concert, and through each message. I feel and felt so much more confidence in myself once I learned that it wasn’t my fault for the harassment I faced, and honestly I just want to give that feeling to everyone who hears my music, and everyone who’s suffering.
TI: Another hit single of yours called “Just The Thing” has an absolutely fantastic music video to bring it to life. 
a. How long did it take to make the video?
Meredith: The filming of “Just The Thing actually only took 12 hours! My manager was the producer for it and he made sure all the actors, MUA’s camera crew and the staff stayed on schedule. It was hectic, but fun filming with my backup singers, my band (they played some of the characters in the video) the students and fans (who won a contest to be in it) and Luke Bilyk from Teen Nick’s Degrassi, who played the boyfriend in it.
b. Where did the idea come from to create these different student “characters”? 
Meredith: In the preproduction phase, my manager thought of this idea and worked with the video team to make it come to life, demonstrating that there really is no distinction between what’s weird and what’s normal.
c. What was your favorite part of filming the video?
Meredith: Seeing the ideas come to life, and the makeup! Tawni Mitchell (owner of Dramatization makeup) came on board and handled the makeup of over 30 kids.
TI: Currently, you finished the first part of your world tour in the UK. What was it like performing your music overseas and knowing you have so many fans around the globe?
Meredith: It’s really amazing to see that even in different countries and cultures, the same issues of excluding and bullying still happen. The fans were an amazing audience out there, and I am so excited for the next stop, Australia!
TI: Is there anything new you are currently working on that you can give us a hint about?
Meredith: The people who made the anti bullying hit film and novel “The Fat Boy Chronicles” are in the process of making a sequel. What I can say about it, besides being super excited to play one of my favorite characters in literature, is that there will be a song I’m writing too for the film, and it will have a lot to do with mental health. Something that I have personal experience with, and learned a lot about from overcoming my problems with OCD and anxiety. A lot of my fans write me about depression, anxiety and eating disorders. These are all things the film will cover, and just like the first movie, kids will love and relate to it.
TI: Where can fans find you on Social Media? Any specific sites to keep up on all things Meredith?
Meredith: The only handle I run entirely on my own is Instagram and that’s @meredithoconnor and my Youtube is @meredithter, Facebook is @meredithoconnor and Twitter is @meredithter
We’re extremely thrilled we got a chance to get the inside scoop with Meredith and we’re looking forward to more in the future!
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TI Exclusive: Interview With Jackson Harris — Read Here!!

F_Jackson-22 TeenInfoNet was lucky to have to opportunity to chat with Singer – Songwriter Jackson Harris. Jackson has a lot going on right now with his career. In early 2014 he released an album, “Sharks & Vampires” and now he is still making more music hoping to go on our again in the 2nd half of 2015. Read our exclusive interview with Jackson below!
Do you remember what song really pulled you towards pop music and an ambition for the music industry? 
I don’t think it was one specific song that drew me towards pop music or music in general, but growing up my mom always played the Beatles, Billy Joel and Queen. Music is my earliest memory.
What differences were there between touring with Cody Simpson, Cher Lloyd, Fifth Harmony, R5 and Before You Exit? 
I have been incredibly lucky to open and tour with some incredible artists and musicians. Each tour I learned more and more on how to interact with fans, build your live show and what it is like to be on the road. Before You Exit and R5 have great energy on stage and really rock out, Cher and Fifth Harmony are some killer singers and those ladies can dance! And lastly touring with Cody was like touring with a brother of mine. He’s a spectacular guitarist and I got to learn so much about playing stages over seas!
Where do you see your career taking you in the near future? Distant future?
 I want to continue to make more music that moves me. I want to start maybe directing and producing some of my music videos and films as well as touring during the 2nd half of 2015! And in the distant future I want to have an established songwriting company and a successful career in writing and performing music all over the world.
What is your method to writing music?
There is no method to the madness. Sometimes I sit down on the floor and grab a guitar and the song just comes out of me. Other times it happens in the studio working with other producers and trying to inspire each other. If I have a very strong lyric in mind I’ll try to find the right beat for it. I try my best to just be present and open to whatever strikes me. I just want to be free to be creative.
What/Where was your first live performance and how did you feel?
It wasn’t my first live performance but it was definitely life changing, and that was opening for Ryan Beatty in Red Bank NJ at the count Basie theater. There was over 1,500 people there and it just blew my mind.
If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? 
It’s incredibly difficult to choose just one. But it would be any of the following people: Kanye West,John Mayer,Mark Ronson, Gavin Degraw, Paul McCartney, Frank Ocean and many, many more.
What do you hope fans take out of your music?
That I’m a real person. And the stories I put in my songs are supposed to take you away for 3-5 minutes from whatever you’re doing in your life. I want people to not feel alone, and to know I’ve been there too. I’ve had my heart broken, I’ve failed, and I’m still here, still doing what I love to do.
(Photo Credit: Mike Lerner)

TI Exclusive: Interview With Toni Baldwin — View Here!!

Below is our exclusive interview with the talent singer-songwriter Toni Baldwin. Be sure to stay up to date with everything Toni has coming including her new album by going to her website, www.tonibaldwin.com.
Hi Toni, it is so nice to finally chat with you. Can you tell us a little about yourself for those who may not know?
It’s really great to be chatting with you guys again! I’m Toni Baldwin, I’m 19, and as my Twitter bio says, I make music and drink too much tea.
We know you write your own songs, where do you get your inspiration from?
I get all of my inspiration from life. Everything that goes on around me and with my friends and family, I pull from that.
What is the story behind your new single “Bang, Bang?”
I wrote “Bang, Bang” in September of 2014. There was (and still is) SO much going on in the world and teenagers and young adults are more worried about social media and a false reality than they are what’s really happening in the world. The problem with this fact is that WE ARE THE FUTURE. There are so many young people who are trying to make a difference in the world, BUT there are also more out there who aren’t. “Bang, Bang” is literally saying it’s time for this generation to start a revolution in the sense that we can be the people to CHANGE the world. The title comes from the word “bang” being used to describe a loud sound because this generation can make a HUGE sound as far as the future goes whether it be voting or just being a friend to someone who needs it. BE the change you want to see in the world.
Can you tell us a little about your debut album Veins? When can we expect it?
My album is definitely a storyline type of album. I wrote the entire album based off of one experience and dealing with everything that came with it in 2014. So it’s very cohesive. “Bang, Bang” actually wasn’t even written for the album, but with all the political decisions and everything going on, I felt like that was a huge part of 2014 as well. I’m still recording so you can expect it in the summer or early fall of this year.
Do you plan on going on a tour after you release Veins?
I plan on doing some smaller shows and then maybe a few StageIt shows that I can stream. Any way to meet and connect with the fans, is the best way!
Who is your musical influence?
I get a lot of inspiration from Miley Cyrus not just musically but also how she performs and how passionate she is about it. But I pull a lot from Lorde because she just doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks of her. When it comes to rock influence, I admire The Maine a lot. They’re actually my favorite band.
What is your advice to people wanting to get to the point you are at in your career?
Just do it. Everyone always says “well I can’t get in the studio” or “but I don’t have any fans” well, I didn’t either. I did everything myself. My first guitar was a gift from my Grandfather and I’m self taught from a book. If you have access to any type of microphone or the internet, you can start something.
Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, we are looking forward to hearing Veins!
Thank you guys so much for having me!

TI Exclusive: Interview With Cade Larson — Read Here!


TeenInfoNet had the opportunity to interview singer-songwriter Cade Larson. Below is what Cade chatted with us about, and be sure to keep up with him on Twitter @CadeLarson to stay up to date with everything he has to come.

Hi Cade, we are excited to chat with you, how have you been?
Hi TeenInfoNet! Thanks for having me! I’ve been great!
How have things been since you starting pursuing your solo career?
Things have been awesome. Everything has been happening at a really fast pace, and the journey is so exciting.
We know you just released you 4 song EP, what song is your favorite?
My favorite song from the EP is Let Me Know because it’s SO much fun to play live, and the emotions that I was feeling when I was writing the song really shined through the recording like I wanted them to.
In the past you toured with Before You Exit, what is your favorite part of touring?
Of course I LOVE the performing, but meeting all of the incredible people after the shows is one of my favorite parts for sure.
What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?
One fan drove 9 hours on a school night just to watch me perform, and had to drive all the way back home that night and go to school that next day. I thought that was incredible.
We hear that with your new EP you plan on touring in the spring, can you share any details on that?
I’ll be visiting almost all of the cities that I visited on tour with Before You Exit last winter, and more! 🙂
Who is your dream artist to record and tour with?
It’s my dream to record and tour with Ed Sheeran. He is incredibly talented and has heavily influenced who I am as an artist.
You only recently starting pursuing a solo career, can you give some advice to those out there who are trying the same thing?
Work, work, work. There are so many independent artists out there nowadays that share the same dream. You have to out-work everybody else to succeed in this business. Most importantly, believe in yourself. Confidence is a very powerful trait.
Thank you for taking the time to chat with us!
Thanks for having me! Can’t wait to chat again soon. 🙂

TeenInfoNet Weekend Roundup! (01.21.2015)


Welcome to the end of January where we are getting ready for the Grammy’s and keeping up with the tangled web of our favorite celebrities relationships!


TI Exclusive: Indie-Rock Band Kids on New Single & Upcoming Album!

New music is constantly coming out.  New pop stars emerge, new rock bands with a metal edge, new boy bands, new indie bands, new solo artists; one has to wonder, where do they find an original sound?!  Well, the band, Kids, has done just that.  The indie-rock band, straight out of the South of Florida.
This December, Kids debuted their first single, “Love’s Song.”  Now, guitarist Josiah Sampson, Bassist/Vocalist Joshua Diaz, Drummer Matthew Barrios and Guitarist Christian Gonzalez, are looking forward to their album debut set for January 27!
TI has the low down on everything about their first single to their favorite tracks on Rich Coast!
Where did the inspiration for “Love’s Song” come from?
The writing of “Love’s Song” was inspired by the revelation that love is work. I found myself at the end of a relationship with someone, asking myself what went wrong. And it was obvious that the relationship was far “one-sided”. I came to the realization that I was the one that did all the work. I loved doing the work. But by not letting her do any, I was letting myself fall more in love with the relationship than she was. Because you love what you work for. If both people aren’t doing that, then it’s doomed to an end where someone is uninterested. Also just so happens, this girl’s last name was Love. So it’s an extra literal meaning in the writing.
How would you describe the meaning behind “Love’s Song”?
“Love’s Song” is written as an analogy.  If you had two men who always wanted to be farmers, and you give one of them a piece  of land that was producing crops already and all he had to do was harvest; and you give the other man a barren wasteland that he had to build the crops himself, poor his blood, sweat and tears into to produce crops; in the end who would love his farm more?… The man that had to work.
What is your goal concerning your music?  What do you hope people will get from listening to you? 
There’s such a beauty that comes with adolescence. We lose much of that as we get older, but we don’t have to. Just because we deal with more adult situations when we get older, doesn’t mean we can’t approach them with the same reckless abandon we would have as a child. Everything about a persons soul matures and evolves as he or she ages; imagine if also, our dreams and playfulness matured and evolved too. Life should be an adventure. Kids, is our artistic expression and documentation of many of those adventures. Love, inspiration, fear, aspirations, tragedy, betrayal; the chase for these things, the disappointments, the rewards…. The unknown. Of course were also humbled as people are inspired by this concept, and moved to play along with us.
Who/Which bands were an influence on you guys wanting to be an Indie-Rock band? 
We each have a number of different music that inspires us, however I don’t know how much they actually have an influence on our writing. For instance, I myself listen to Louie Armstrong, Blind Willie McTell, and Johnny Cash everyday. And the rest of the band is a melting pot of Tears For Fears, the Smiths, The killers, Mute Math, or even various K-POP artists. Were all over the map. So I don’t believe any of these influence our music directly. We enjoy them. But our biggest musical inspiration is ourselves. I’m not a fan of the phrase “Art inspires art.” I think copycats like that phrase. But I believe true artists are inspired by life.  As a musician, your art should sound like what you’ve seen or experienced, not like what you’ve heard.
Art is just our language. For instance, I didn’t grow up in England or Australia, so I don’t have an accent from there. Sometimes I wish I did… Cause it’s cool. But if I fake one, then I’m a fake… And people catch on to that. So Why would I do that with my music? We sound like us.
What was the best part of recording and getting ready to release the LP, “Rich Coast?”
Rich Coast is one of the first products we’ve made that had a certain goal and intent from the start. We wanted the entire record to sound like authentic feelings we had while doing things that made us feel alive.  To write this record, we set out on an adventure. We took time off of our jobs to hike and camp the Appalachian Trail, and follow up our adventures there in a log cabin in Chattanooga TN, where we converted the entire living room into a writing studio. We played old spaghetti westerns and Kung fu movies on silent (films we watched a a kid) as we documented musically, the feelings of the adventures we just had, paired with lyrics inspired over the last few years of our lives.
So my favorite part of the writing process, was literally walking what felt like an endless trail in the GA wilderness, humming melodies in my head of what the soundtrack of these sights and feelings would be.
Why is the album titled “Rich Coast?” 
The past few years for me have been a flood of feelings and perseverance. And many of them due to a chapter in my life that was directed toward investing in a life with someone in Costa Rica (literal translation, “Rich Coast”). A time investment that failed to say the least. But failure is one of the biggest adventures of all. Because you get to see what you’re made of, If/how you get back up, and who/what you put hope in next…. Chasing something again.
Don’t get me wrong, Rich Coast is NOT an album about Costa Rica lol. But it is a documentation of many of the feelings, experiences, and adventures that accompany endeavors that came with that time.. sentiments that EVERYONE experiences: Learning how to hope, loosing hope, then hoping again
What is your favorite track from “Rich Coast?” 
Personally, the track that resonates with me the most is “Sunshine”. It wasn’t even supposed to be on the record originally. It was unfinished as of two weeks before entering the recording studio. It was a 2-verse, unfinished nugget about hope.
One day, I was riding in the car with my mother. She had always been hard of hearing. But it was getting worse. And my mother doesn’t complain about ANYTHING! But she started to say that she was scared. She is losing her hearing rapidly, and she feared that she wouldn’t be able to hear her grandchildren speak to her anymore; or that she wouldn’t know what the song sounded like that “made it for me”.
This situation moved me. I went home, and revisited this unfinished song and wrote the final verse of “Sunshine”; as well as the last line of each verse. See, my mother always called me “sunshine”, that was her nickname for me. But… shes always been the one to light MY way. I told the guys that this song had to be on this record, so that my mother could hear it while she still had her hearing. And that I would play it for her every time she watched me; so that even if she couldn’t hear it one day, she could watch, and hear it from memory.

TI Exclusive: The Grape And The Grain On Upcoming Tour!

With their self-titled, full length album out, The Grape and The Grain is ready to get on the road for their 2015 tour! Melding blues, folk and hard rock, this band of multi-instrumentalists have created a balanced album that rock fans are able to connect with.
This TI Exclusive is all about The Grape and The Grain.  From their beginning in 2012 to their upcoming tour, we have the latest scoop!
Where did the name “The Grape and The Grain” come from? 
The grape represents wine, and the grain is whiskey or beer. There’s a saying that you shouldn’t mix the grape and the grain when drinking, and that saying became a long running joke in the band ‘3’ after a night of drinking the grape and the grain.
You are all extremely talented musically, what are some of the drawbacks of this?  
I guess being artistic in anyway can sometimes make a person kinda weird…
But that’s not really even a drawback. I think that just makes a person more interesting.
Does it make things easier that you are all really musically talented?
In life? Probably not! But, when there’s a group of people, and you’re working together writing songs it definitely can make things easier.
How has “The Grape and The Grain” changed since it began in 2012?
In 2012 The Grape and The Grain started as just a thing for me to do for fun. I wanted to learn how to write songs really, and I sorta dived in on my own, and started this as more of a recording project at first. But, it quickly grew into something more, and I knew I really wanted to play these songs live. Thankfully my best buds in the world are some of the best musicians I know. I was lucky enough to just have to give my friends a call. Since then it’s become a band. There’s now multiple writers and musicians. We recently recorded this album, and it’s the first that we’ve done as a full band.
We have also done a little bit of touring since 2012, and we’ll continue to do so in 2015.
What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
I kind of hope that everyone takes away something different. Most of the songs are stories lyrically. Some of them are based on true stories and some of them are just made up. I like to think that with some stories you can take away your own meaning from them. Whether it’s just for entertainment or maybe something deeper hopefully people can connect to this album.
Where will your February/March tour take you? 
We will be mostly staying in the north east this time around. The full schedule will be posted on our Facebook page soon.
What are you looking forward to from this tour? 
I love to be on the road. I love to travel and play shows so I look forward to touring in general. There’s always something weird or crazy that happens when touring and great stories always come out of it.
What is your favorite thing about studio time/live performances? 
My favorite part of being in the studio is really the whole creative process. The songs start as just an idea in someone’s head, and watching them come to life in the studio can be really fun, and a really cool experience.
Live performance is something completely different. I love it just as much. The live show is the moment, where as in the studio you’re trying to create something.  Make sure it’s perfect, make sure it’s what you wanted. Performing live, it’s a split second and it’s gone. It’s very exciting and nothing can match the feeling of a great show.
To Connect With The Grape And The Grain: 

TI Exclusive: Lauren Strange On Biggest Dreams And Her Music!



Meet Lauren Strange! On the outside, this Memphis, Tennessee native is just a normal girl.  But to those who know her or are beginning to to know her name, she is a talented songwriter and musician who has been an award winning songwriter since she was only 9 years old!

Lauren is backed by her band, The Pretty Killers, and has just released her first EP: Say Yes. 

Don’t think that this is all you are going to here from Lauren, however.  Plans for a full album are in development and we think this down to earth girl has the makings to fulfill her wildest dreams!

Read through the interview below and head over to Lauren’s YouTube channel to check out her AMAZING talents! You can also keep up with Lauren on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her personal website!


Who is your role model? 

I have lots of strong women in my life that I admire greatly, and I’ve always hoped to be as independent and driven as my own mother. Some people are scared to death of turning into their parents, but if I can become half the woman my mother is, I’ll be happy.


If you could pick one track from the EP, what is your favorite?

“Say Yes” is one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever written. I think it turned out really cool, with the doubled vocals we recorded and also the guitar parts that Rob laid down. I showed him “Last Goodbye” by Jeff Buckley and told him I wanted this song to take on that kind of energy. He nailed it in one take.


What was the first song you ever wrote about? 

The first song I remember writing was when I was about 9 years old, and it was about not giving away your heart. I wish I had listened to 9-year-old me!


What is your favorite thing about songwriting/making music?

I love the feeling when a song is complete. It’s almost like creating a journal entry and being able to let all of those feelings just run and take a life of their own.


What instruments can you play? Which instruments do you not play but would love to learn? 

I play guitar (electric and acoustic) and piano/keyboard. I don’t play drums but I would love to learn! I would also love to be able to play bass well.


If you could have lunch with anyone-past, present or future-who would it be? 

I would love to have lunch with Kathleen Hanna. She’s such an incredible inspiration to me and other girls everywhere, and I’d love to hear personally about her experiences as an artist and all around awesome human being.


What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is that I could be able to do this full-time. I would love to tour extensively with my band and be able to write and create all the time. That’s the goal.


TI Exclusive: Jocelyn Arndt On Songwriting With Her Brother!

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 2.21.34 PM

TI got the chance to talk to Jocelyn Arndt, singer of the brother-sister duo.  Between taking classes at Harvard, Jocelyn and her brother Chris have the talent to write some amazing songs and perform at venues between semesters!  You can get their EP, “Strangers In Fairyland” and stay tuned for cities and dates that you can catch the pair in action!

Listen below to the interview and be sure to subscribe to TI on YouTube and follow Jocelyn Arndt on Twitter!

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