Check Out A Timelapse Of One Direction’s Concerts At Wembley Stadium — Watch Now!

one directionWembley Stadium is a popular hot spot of concerts for music artists. One Direction happened to be one of them during their Where We Are Tour. They performed live concerts from June 6th – 8th at the Stadium with a whole load of awesomeness happening from transforming the stadium to a rocking performance to the end to a fantastic concert.

You can experience all this greatness in the fast-paced, time lapse video of Wembley Stadium from beginning to end during all three concert days below!

Countdown To CMT ‘Cross Roads’ With Katy Perry + Kacey Musgraves!

kacey musgraves katy perryThe countdown has begun. There are only three days until the musical styling of Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves cross paths with one another on an all new episode of CMT Cross Roads. As Katy Perry puts it, this episode will be “When cowboy boots & Manolos collide”.

Catch Cross Roads this coming Friday at 1o/9c only on CMT!

The Vamps: Just 3 Days Until The Music Video For “Somebody To You” Feat. Demi Lovato!


The countdown continues until the release of the official music video for The Vamps new hit single “Somebody To You” featuring Demi Lovato. There are only three more days left until the premiere of the video!

Check out the announcement The Vamps posted on Instagram by watching it in the video below!

Before You Exit’s “Dangerous” Release Date

before you exitThe three members of Before You Exit has a great announcement! Their brand new single, “Dangerous”, will be out this coming Tuesday March 18th, the day coinciding with the start of their The Dangerous Tour! Isn’t that exciting? All you fans only have a three day wait, so hopefully you can hold up until then! Will you be one of the first to order it?

Emblem3: Three Days Til #Bandlife Tour @EmblemThree

0790f72c8e9911e3b99c0aa73e1070c5_8It’s getting closer and closer to the big day when Emblem3’s #bandlife Tour 2014 is ready to begin! There are only three days left until then. Who’s excited for their tour?

Will you be heading to one of their concerts?


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