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Curtis Harris, who currently stars on Nickelodeon’s “The Haunted Hathaways” has earned him a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Youth in a Youth Children’s Program for this year’s 46th Annual NAACP Image Awards.

The show, which launched in 2013 follows a single mother and her two daughters, who move into a house occupied by three ghosts, Ray Preston and his two sons. Miles (played by Harris) and Louie. Miles is the definition of a “friendly ghost,” setting a great example for his younger brother, and for his good-natured, and thrilled that the Hathaways are there to stay. The two families solve their problems b using a blend of normal human ways, and ghost powers. The show is currently in its second season.

TeenInfoNet got an exclusive interview with Curtis to talk about his character Miles as well as his nomination for the NAACP!

Can you briefly tell us about “The Haunted Hathaways” for those who may not be too familiar with the show?

It all started when a family (The Hathaways) moved from New York, to a house in New Orleans, and they later find out that their house is occupied by a family of ghosts (The Prestons)! So there’s a lot of comedic interaction between the human family and the ghost family, whether it’s flying cats or pies in the faces. We find out there are a lot of things the two families can learn from each other.

Do you relate to your character, Miles Preston, in any way?

We both are very friendly, funny, have a good sense of style, and we are both constantly in a good mood. That’s me for sure

Your character tries to set a great example for his younger brother Louie, what advise would you give younger aspiring actors/actresses?

I would say never give up and to work hard, even on the little things. Also, not to just sit around and wait for everything. Be aggressive when it comes to following your dreams. You’re never too young to start now.

-How would you say “The Haunted Hathaways” is different from other shows that also involve ghosts?

Most ghosts shows on T.V. nowadays don’t seem to be all that kid friendly. So I guess what makes The Haunted Hathaways different; adults and kids can watch the show and enjoy it.

-Congratulations on being nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Youth in a Youth Children’s Program for the NAACP Image Awards, how does it feel?

I feel so humbled by this nomination. This means the world to me, because I don’t act to win awards, I just do it because I enjoy it more than anything else. So yeah, I’m definitely thankful to get recognized for my work, because I do put a lot of time and practice into being my best on screen.

-Your co-star, Amber Montana, is also nominated for the same category, are you both competitive people or is it all friendly competition?

It’s definitely a friendly competition, we are both really supportive of each other.

-Also being 13, how do you find time to work while still being a teenager?

I feel that at any age to be in the same award show with such talented people is an honor. To have this opportunity at only 13 years old is just beyond belief, and really an inspiration to strive to get better and better. The great thing about award shows are that they are every year, so you always have the opportunity to get nominated again for new work you may have done, and that motivates you to stay on top of your game.

-You’ve also worked along side many other notable actors, what are some things you’ve learned from working on these previous projects with them?

It doesn’t feel like work when you love your job, but when I’m not acting I hang out with my friends and play basketball and video games. Typical teenager stuff.

-What else can we expect from you coming up in 2015?

It’s early in the year, but I’m hoping to do some work in major feature films, and in sitcoms later this year. I feel like one of my strengths as an actor is the ability to play roles that are funny, as well as dramatic. It would be awesome to have the ability to showcase that this year.

-Where can people find/follow you on your social medias?

My Twitter and Instagram is @TheCurtisHarris. Follow me!

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Sweety High: Curtis Harris Dishes On The Haunted Hathaways


Sweety High recently spoke with Curtis all about the show and what it’s like to play a ghost on TV, as well as his work with Nickelodeon for tomorrow’s Earth Day celebrations!

Curtis Harris is a young film and TV actor best known for his role as the ghost Miles Preston on the Nickelodeon series The Haunted Hathaways.

Curtis said he was immediately drawn to the Haunted Hathways script.

“What I liked about the Haunted Hathaways script is it’s a very funny, cool show, and it has a lot of great energy,” he said.

He added that the show benefits from its incredible cast.

“It’s so great because we bring a lot to the table,” he said. “The script is like magic, and there literally is magic on the show. It’s great for all families, all ages.”

In the show, the Hathaway family, consisting of a mom and her two daughters, moves into a house that happens to be haunted by the ghosts of a dad and his two sons, the Prestons. Curtis plays Miles Preston.

“In the beginning, my brother and my dad, Louie and Ray, wanted to scare the family in their house, but now that we’re into the show, they want to scare other people,” Curtis said.

But Miles isn’t quite like his dad and brother.

“He’s the complete opposite,” Curtis said. “He’s like Casper. He’s a very friendly ghost, he loves welcoming people in, and he’s kind of quirky too. He wears bow ties, and he tells corny jokes, and he may need to work on his dance moves a little, but that’s what makes Miles so funny and awesome.”

Curtis explained that Miles differs from his ghostly family members because he has a different perspective on life.

“He sees more happiness, and be barely thinks of himself as a ghost,” he said. “He’s more like a regular person, and scaring people doesn’t interest him. That’s just who he is.”

Curtis draw even some comparisons between himself and his onscreen counterpart.

“He kind of reminds me of me a little bit, because I’m a very caring person,” he said. “I’m a prankster so I would pull pranks, but I’m not into scaring people.”

If he were a ghost himself, he would use his powers to benefit others. He said he would also utilize them to make his own life easier.

“If I needed to clean the room or I needed to go someplace really fast, I could run really fast,” he said. “I could poof right into a room, I could possess people. But I would definitely prank. If someone was getting on my nerves, I could get them to look really funny.”

He would also love to use the power of invisibility.

“If I was a ghost that would be pretty awesome, because ghosts they don’t just have one power,” he said. “They have endless amounts of powers.”

Curtis and the rest of the cast received the announcement that The Haunted Hathaways would be renewed for a second season while they were still filming the show’s first season.

“It was pretty funny because the producer who came in after the run-through went upstairs with us, and I felt like it wasn’t going to be great news. He said ‘Guys, I have some news for you… Haunted Hathaways is getting picked up for a second season.’”

The cast was caught off guard but they were ecstatic!

“It was full of joy and happiness, and we were all really happy and excited to shoot the second season,” he said.

He added that most shows don’t know if they’ll be renewed until the end of the season, and that it was great to know so early.

When we spoke with Curtis, he was on a brief hiatus from shooting the show’s second season. He had just completed the season’s second episode.

“We literally just started and we have a lot of fun, crazy stuff coming,” he said. “It’s very secretive right now, but I will tell you it’s gonna be definitely bigger than the first season. The first season was pretty big, but the second season is going to be really awesome.”

Curtis also joined some of his fellow Nickelodeon stars as a part of their Nickelodeon Get Dirty Earth Day initiative. By the way, Earth Day is tomorrow!

“We went to the L.A. Zoo and we did a bunch of really cool stuff,” Curtis said. “We planted for the zoo. It was pretty fun because it was my first time actually digging up dirt and planting different leaves and plants and flowers.”

He said it was also a lot of fun, because he got to work alongside Haunted Hathaways costar Amber Montana, as well as See Dad Run’s Ryan Newman, Instant Mom’s Sydney Park, and Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo of The Thundermans!

“We had a great time and we got to spread the word about getting dirty and digging up the ground to plant plants,” he said.

We are so excited to see what the second season of The Haunted Hathaways will have in store for fans!

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