Take The Pledge To Win Demi Lovato Tickets! — Details Here!

Demi Lovato is an amazing celebrity activist. Just this weekend she headed down to Washington, D.C to speak about Mental Health Legislation, and now she is teaming up with the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign to encourage her fans to make the pledge to not text and drive.

We all know texting and driving is very dangerous, but even so we should all go ahead on over to the It Can Wait website to take the pledge.

But hold on, that’s not all.  If you take the pledge, you can win tickets to see the Demi World Tour on September 19! So quick, go take the pledge after watching Demi’s short video about #X:

Enter Avan Jogia’s “Thumb War” PSA Giveaway


Want to win a signed pair of Thumb Wars anti-texting and driving gloves? Well now thanks to Avan himself, Teen.com, and DoSomething now you have a chance! Be sure to go here before June 28th: http://www.teen.com/2014/05/28/freebies-and-sweepstakes/avan-jogia-autographed-thumb-socks-giveaway/ and follow the instructions at the bottom to be entered into the contest. Also, check out Avan’s important “Thumb War” PSA and be sure to stay safe by never texting a driving!

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