MKTO Loves Storytime, R5’s Got Breakfast & More On ‘Morgan & Maddy Minute’ — Watch Now!

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Get ready for an all new funny episode of Radio Disney’s Morgan & Maddy Minute!

This brand new episode features some great stuff! Watch as Tony Oller of MKTO goes back in time to play teacher, reading a cute story to Morgan, Maddy and his partner, Malcolm Kelley. Plus the morning show turns into breakfast time with R5 in the studio and Morgan and Maddy have fun brushing teeth while singing a-long to Becky G’s hit single, “Shower”!

Check it all out in the video below and let us know what you think!


Kieran Strange Announces EP (Playing in Canadian Target Stores), Label, Tour Dates


Kieran Strange, British power punk rocker currently residing in Vancouver, Canada made her musical television debut with single, “Tear Down The Wall,” a single, co-written by Strange and Amy Fox, producer of the new sitcom The Switch. Today, Strange is ecstatic to announce a brand new EP, label signing, and a slew of fall tour dates.

Strange returns with her sophomore EP, Last Hero Standing (September 16, 2014) and she’s not pulling any punches. After taking a break from the studio after self-releasing Adamantine Heart (2012) to tour the world, she’s back with a hard-hitting collaborative writing project with legendary producer Steve Kravac (Blink 182, Less Than Jake, MXPX, NOFX) who had this to say about Strange, “Kieran is the real deal, a supreme vocal talent who’s songwriting themes are gritty, emotional and universally relatable.”

Strange had this to say about the forthcoming EP:
“I’ve spent a lot of time trying to fit into some perfect little cookie cutter of an artist, and I think the tracks I’m writing right now are about me coming out of that shell, letting down the walls, and just allowing myself to be naked without all of the armour and defenses. It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with every aspect of who I am as a person, all the negatives as well as the positives, and I’m finally ready to just be me.”

The 4-track EP covers some of the struggles Strange has faced, from mocking Reckless” that calls out a bully, to sad and sweet INVINCIBLE” chronicling the weakness we feel when we lose the one we love, The Best You Never Had” which is sure to be a relief to anyone who’s been accused of “friendzoning” someone, and finally freedom and love anthem Teeth” that bites into the discrimination people experience all over the world when trying to be with someone society or their family disapproves of.

Last Hero Standing will be Strange’s first EP on a US label signing with Porterhouse Records.To celebrate the release of her EP, Strange has partnered with Blue Piston to stream all 4 tracks in advance in all 130 Target stores in Canada on Logiix’s Blue Piston product. Strange was recently featured in their latest ad for the speaker, and will be launching a giveaway of a signed blue piston in partnership with Logiix later this month. And lastly, the EP will be accompanied by a comic-book written and drawn by Strange that tells the story of a girl overcoming struggle, discrimination, and issues of privilege in her life. To be released soon.

Strange will be touring extensively across North America and Asia throughout the fall. The tour is presented by Equalize, a foundation that educates young music fans about acceptance for everyone, no matter who they love or how they identify, and gives youth the tools to enact positive changes in their own communities. To find out more about Equalize and their efforts go here. The tour also highlights DRKLGHT clothing company and Shame Less Sound as sponsors. Fans can head to Strange’s merch table to learn more about these sponsors. Moreover, Strange will be doing a series of in-stores and school talks as well to discuss her passionate topics: bullying, standing up for yourself and your dreams, and the LGBT community and their allies.

Fans can catch Kieran Strange on the road this fall in North America and Asia: 

8/14 – Minneapolis – The Hexagon Bar
8/15 – Minneapolis – The Driftwood Char Bar
8/16 – Grand Forks – El Roco
8/18 – Calgary – Dicken’s
8/19 – Siksika – Gordon Yellowfly Memorial Arbour
8/21 – Kamloops  -The Grind
8/29 – 9/1 – Portland – Kumoricon
9/3 – Seattle – El Corazon
9/5 – Boise – Flying M Coffee Garage
9/6 – Portland – Dante’s
9/10 – Dallas – Crown and Harp
9/11 – Houston – Acadia
9/12 – Shreveport – Rhino Coffee
9/15 – Charlotte – Crown Station Pub
9/17 – Washington – The Electric Maid
9/20 – Quebec City – Bar Le Scanner
9/28 – Thunder Bay – Crocks
9/29 – Winnipeg – The Garrick Hotel
9/30 – Saskatoon – Rock Bottom
10/3 – Golden – The Golden Taps
10/4 – Penticton – Voodoo’s
10/18 – Penang, Malaysia – Hard Rock Cafe (Charity event, Pinktober)
10/22 – Shinjuku, Tokyo – Gyoen Papera
10/22 – Roppongi, Tokyo – Newlex
10/23 – Asaksaka, Tokyo – Mitsuke ~ Crawfish
10/24 – Yokohama, Tokyo – Club Sensation
10/25 – Yotsuya, Tokyo – Lotus
10/26 – Shimo-kitazawa, Tokyo – Garage
For more information on Kieran Strange: 
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