5SOS Wins Choice Break-Up Song At TCA’s!

Tonight, August 10, at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards, Australian pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer won “Choice Break-Up” song.  But which heartbreaking song of there’s helped them to take home this award, none other than the tear jerking “Amnesia!” Well deserved, at least from where I am standing because I still tear up each and every time I listen to this track!

Congrats boys!

Check out the music video for “Amnesia” below and try not to cry!

Janel Parrish On The TCA Blue Carpet!


Teen+Choice+Awards+2014+Arrivals+56hmxSwj5s-lJanel Parrish, you may know her as Mona from ABC’s “Pretty Little Liars,” has made her way onto the Teen Choice Blue Carpet! She plays the bad girl but is the complete opposite in real life!

When asked if it is fun to play the bad girl, Janel said yes!

“I think it is definitely the most fun!” She told the TCA!

And who doesn’t love seeing her play evil bad girl Mona!?

Check Out Sound Track Made Specially By The TCA’s!

The Teen Choice Awards has put together a playlist for all of us which features songs from this evening’s TCA live performers!

Check out the sound track here!

Amanda Steele Wants To Run Into Dylan O’Brien On The Blue Carpet!

Amanda Steele, beauty and fashion vlogger, talked on the blue carpet tonight at the Teen Choice Awards.  Amanda is excited and hopeful that she gets  the chance at a run-in with the hunky Dylan O’Brien!

Don’t we all dream of this?

Check out Amanda’s gorgeous and simple outfit for tonight as she hangs with fellow vlogger, Teala Dunn!!

Janoskians Talk Riskiest Move And Surfs The Blue Carpet At Teen Choice Awards!


The Janoskins are the first to appear on the Blue Carpet at the Teen Choice awards and got the chance to talk about their most risky move yet.

After denying drinking urine, thank god, Beau jumped onto a bike, on a roof with a pair of clown shoes!  Risky move boys and to all of you reading, don’t try this at home!

The boys have now made Teen Choice history by surfing on the blue carpet!


Teen Choice Awards Voting Happening Now!

Voting for Teen Choice Awards 2014 is underway! You can vote on everything including favorite movies, favorite actors and actresses, favorite music groups and more! Head over to teen housewares.com to cast your votes!

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