Zayn Malik Adds A New Tattoo To His Collection Of Tattoos! – Check It Out Here!


Zayn Malik from One Direction just got a new tattoo and he decided to share it with his fans! The new tattoo is only an addition to the many tattoos Zayn already has. His new tattoo covers the lower part of his left arm – almost nearing his hand! Along with the photo he shared on Instagram, he wrote:

“so many tattoos and here’s the newest addition to the collection”

We sure love the new tattoo. Check it out in the photo above and let us know what you think of his new tattoo!

Justin Bieber Adds Even More Ink To His Collection — Check Out His Third + Fourth New Tattoos In Days!

Justin Bieber, New Tattoo - LOVE

Justin Bieber is on a major tattoo kick over the past few days! Over the weekend, the Biebs added two new pieces of ink to his already massive collection — a joker’s face on his right inner forearm and a compass wrapping around the back and side of his left upper arm — and today he went back to Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Saul Lira for more. In addition to filling in ends of the hat on his new joker, he is now permanently sporting the word “LOVE” written vertically beside it in Old English lettering, as well as a treble clef behind his left ear, which you can check out below.

What do you think of Justin’s latest body art? Think he’ll keep at it this week or will he take a breather before going under the gun again?

Justin Bieber, New Tattoo - Treble Clef

Even More Ink For Justin Bieber — Check Out His Other New Tattoo Here Now!

Justin Bieber, New Tattoo - Compass

Our instincts were right! In addition to the joker/jester tattoo on the inside of his right forearm, Justin Bieber added yet another new piece of ink to his growing collection of body art on Saturday (January 11th): a compass wrapping around the side and back of his left arm! We hope Justin’s compass always guides him in the right direction!

What do you think of Justin’s new tattoos? Love ’em? Leave ’em? It’s hard to choose a favorite from all of Justin’s pieces — do you have one?

Justin Bieber Gets Some Fresh Ink — Check Out His Newest Tattoo Here!

It’s hard to keep track sometimes but, by our last estimate, Justin Bieber had 24 — count ’em — 24 tattoos and he officially added at least one more to his growing collection of body art on Saturday, January 11th. The Biebs will now be permanently rocking the image of a joker’s face on the underside of his right forearm, a spot which had remained otherwise bare up until yesterday aside from the small Japanese kanji for “music”.

What do you think the joker means to Justin? A representation of his own prankster personality, perhaps? We love when Justin jokes around but in the wake of possible felony charges being leveled against him for the alleged egging of his neighbor’s home, we hope he chooses his jokes a little more carefully in the future… especially with this new little court jester egging him on from his arm! Okay, bad joke.

It seems from the photo above that Justin may have gotten more than one tattoo done earlier but, for now, check out the joker tattoo he shared on Instagram in the pic below:

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Justin Bieber Gets Another Tattoo @justinbieber

Justin BieberJustin Bieber took a seat, shirtless, in a chair at a tattoo shop. Justin added another tattoo to his collection of tattoos. He got inked on his left arm. Justin shared his experience by posting photos on Instagram. He also tweeted a photo of himself in a car on his way to get a tattoo: “Just got off stage bout to get tatted.” He seems to have been quite uncomfortable yet calm while getting inked by the tattoo artist. Of course, Justin is shirtless so the artist can do his job but at least we get to see Justin without a shirt on. Check out the photos of Justin Bieber getting a new tattoo and let us know what you think!

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