McClain Talks About The Arrival Of Their Limited Edition T-Shirts!


Yesterday (September 19), McClain tweeted out some details about their “Yaaasssss” T-Shirts arriving today (September 20). McClain tweeted:

Limited Edition McCLAIN T-Shirts available tomorrow 9-20-14!! Get yours for a limited time!

The sisters – Sierra, Lauryn and China Anne – also left the following note on their Facebook account about their limited edition shirts:

“Sooo, you’ve been asking about the T-Shirts we sell at our concerts, so we designed a special one just for YOU!! Check out the vid for more info and share this on your page for us. They’ll be available tomorrow!! Are you excited…we are!!”

McClain also posted a video of themselves talking about the arrival of their awesome t-shirts. Along with the video, they included the following note:

“You’re gonna love these shirts we designed for YOU because you asked for them! Lookout for another video tomorrow with a link to purchase! Share this with your friends ♥”

Be sure to check out the sisters chatting about their awesome shirts by watching the video below! Be sure to also get your own t-shirt!

Brittny Gastineau Launched Her Own T-Shirt Line — Check It Out!!


Brittny Gastineau is not new to fashion. In addition to being a model herself, she was thrown into the world of fashion at a very young age by model and mother, Lisa Gastineau. Both Brittny and Lisa have been icons of the fashion world for years throughout Los Angeles, New York, and many parts of Europe. Brittny is a successful model, socialite, TV reality star, and of course Kim Kardashian’s best friend.

As of this week, Brittny Gastineau launched her own t-shirt line. Blending her extensive experience, cultural background and unprecedented fashion sense, her designs were inspired by men and all of the encounters that are a result of being with a man.

Check out some of Brittny’s best sellers below and the rest of her new line can be found at

Fifth Harmony Poses Wearing Their Group T-Shirts -Pic Inside- @FifthHarmony

BenSFCxCMAAybkI.jpg largeFifth Harmony looks fabulous in anything they wear. The fearsome fivesome are posing wearing stylish pants and t-shirts bearing their group picture and name. According to the girls, the shirts are being sold at Claire’s stores.

Does anyone else want a Fifth Harmony shirt as much as I do? Raise your hand!

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