Add Rixton To Your Snapchat For A Sneak Peek Surprise!

Bs2S4y9CIAEZuks.jpg largeRixton just announced on Twitter today that they will be making a huge announcement this coming Monday, July 21st! We can make as many guesses as we want, but if you make sure to add the guys to your Snapchat app, they’ll deliver a sneak peek of Monday’s announcement!

Wonder what it could be? A song? Perhaps a video? The possibilities are endless, but that will end when we get the sneak peek on their Snapchat! Add the username RIXTONOFFICIAL and get the inside scoop!

Austin Mahone Wants You To Follow FlavorSplash On Instagram — Find Out Why!

Austin-Mahone-200x300What reason could Austin Mahone have for wanting us to follow FlavorSplash on Instagram? To be honest, we have no idea. He tweeted out the suggestion just a bit ago, though there is a very good reason for it.

So, that’s why he wants you to follow them! There’s a surprise waiting tomorrow, Mahomies! Wonder what it could be? Take a wild guess and let us know what you think it is!

Remember, make sure you follow FlavorSplash’s Instagram or you might miss something!

“Total Ariana Live” — Info Here On How To Watch!


If you’re a fan of Ariana tune into MTV on July 2nd 7/6c to see an all Ariana themed show! She will be preforming her hit single “Problem” & her newest debut single “Break Free”! Plus theres more!! Ariana has a SURPRISE announcement for all the viewers! Make sure you tune in!

BIG Surprise On Demi Lovato’s Website Tomorrow Morning!


Demi Lovato has a BIG surprise for her fans tomorrow! Be sure to check out her website at 10am PST tomorrow morning. Check out the clip below for a hint on what the surprise could be as well as more info on when and where to tune in!

Ariana Grande Shares A Sweet Surprise Song With Her Fans: “Boyfriend Material” – Listen Now!


Ariana Grande is one of the sweetest girls we know and the singer is also super committed to her fans. With her new and latest hit single, “Problem,” already making it number 1 on iTunes, Ariana wanted to give back the love that her fans have been giving her. What did this star do? Ariana chose to share a sweet surprise by releasing a song that was done well before her second album was even in the making. The song also did not make Ariana’s debut album, Yours Truly. The song is called “Boyfriend Material.” Along with the audio video she shared, Ariana wrote:

“a little surprise for my loves as a thank you for all of your constant love, support and dedication. i know how much y’all love this song and how disappointed you were when it didn’t make it on to my first album so i knew i had to get it to you somehow someday. this song means a lot to me and holds such a special place in my heart as it was one of the first songs i did when i started working on ‘yours truly’ when i was like 17 ….. don’t worry… you’ll get more of these oldies too as time goes on! I’m working on it for you. love you all so much. you are everything. love you.”

Check out the song for yourself by listening to it in the audio video below and let us know what you think of it by commenting!

Cody Simpson Is Returning To ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ – Details Here!


Cody Simpson got off to a good start with his partner, Whitney Carson, on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. However, after a few weeks in, the duo was eliminated from the competition. While Cody’s fans were super upset, the star revealed that he is returning to the show for the finale! Cody told fans on Twitter:

“Got something special for you on the dancing with the stars finale next week..”

We have no idea what Cody has in store for his fans but we are super excited to find out! Be sure to check back with us for more updates on Cody’s surprise. In the meantime, have any guesses on what it could be?

Debby Ryan Woke Up Like, What?!

Surprise! Debby Ryan woke up as a birthday girl today! The newly turned 21 year old actress/singer took to Instagram to post about her fun celebration with friends today in her honor.

Debby posts, “When you wake up to the doorbell and find that your friends have WRECKED your porch with confetti, balloons, streamers, and a hundred pictures… that’s how you know it’ll be a good birthday. thanks, puffs.”

Aww! It looks like Debby is having a wonderful time on her special day! We love the above photo of Debby smiling and laughing with friends. Happy Birthday Debby! 🙂

Vanessa Hudgens Has Fun At New Bongo Shoot, Surprises Kmart Shoppers — Take A BTS Look!

Bongo Girl Vanessa Hudgens flew in to New York City yesterday for her big day today (April 24): a fabulous photo shoot for the next Bongo collection! The Bongo Jeans team was just as excited as V was about dolling her up, giving her a kickass manicure, and letting her work her magic in front of the camera in their latest designs, and they shared a series of behind the scenes pictures throughout the day.

After the shoot, Vanessa even made her way to a Kmart location to surprise some fans shopping in the Bongo section! She snapped selfies with the lucky girls, who clearly share her love for Bongo!

Check out a first look at Vanessa’s Bongo shoot and her run-in with some fans at Kmart in the gallery below now. We can’t wait to see the finished product!

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Bella Thorne To Drop Her New Music Video Next Month!

Although the title of the track is still being kept secretly under wraps, Bella Thorne’s new video that was recently shot in Sun Valley, California is set to officially drop next month!

Bella tweets, “hey @garrisonlambert i saw a rough cut of the video…looks great!” and “seeing the rough cut of the music video makes me so anxious for u all to see it!!!”

Garrison Lambert tweets, “@bellathorne awesome! Dropping sometime next month?”

Hmm.. what could the name of the track be? Perhaps some photos of Bella in vintage style video attire can warrant a few good guesses! Check out the photos from on set HERE and leave your song title guesses in our comment box below!

Taylor Swift Shares Video Of Her Sweet Surprise At A Fan’s Bridal Shower – Watch Now!


Taylor Swift may just be one of the sweetest celebrities in the world. Recently, the country singer surprised one of fans during the fan’s bridal shower held in Columbus, Ohio. Taylor surprised a fan named Gena at her bridal shower who shared all the amazing pics of Taylor at her bridal shower. Taylor was also invited to the wedding but will not be able to make it to the wedding. Luckily, the star had some time to make it to the bridal shower which Taylor has never been to before!

At first, no body knew that Taylor would be attending so EVERYONE was in on the surprise. While the pictures of the amazing surprise are pretty exciting, Taylor was luckily able to record the entire trip! Check out Taylor’s own homemade video of her surprising her fan by watching the video below!

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