Selena Gomez Explains Her Views On The Current Conflict In Gaza

Selena Gomez recently found herself in a bit of controversy when she posted her views on the current conflict in Gaza. Selena took to her Instagram recently and posted a photo saying to “Pray For Gaza”. Some fans began tweeting her saying that they would unfollow because of her post and taking sides.

Selena quickly let her fans know that she wasn’t taking sides, only saying her opinion by posting a second photo of herself meditating on the beach saying, “And of course to be clear, I am not picking any sides. I am praying for peace and humanity for all!”

We think that Selena handled the situation with class while still allowing her voice to be heard. What do you think of celebrities posting their views on politics? For or against? Let us know in the comments below!

Bella Thorne Is Spending The 4th Of July In Mexico!



Bella Thorne headed to Mexico this morning to celebrate this 4th of July weekend with her boyfriend Tristan, family, and friends, bu not before sending out “Happy 4th of July” well wishes to her fans! 🙂

Check out a few photos of Bella and her crew heading to Mexico as well as a sweet fan photo with miss Thorne below!

Jake Miller: Football Fun

jake millerJake Miller and his girlfriend, Madison, are getting all sporty while the sun goes down. According to Jake on his Instagram, him, Madison and Joey Gandolfo decided a bit of football fun was in order. Joey took this picture of Jake and Madison acting all tough and ready to rumble.

Nothing like a good game while waiting for the sun go down. What kind of sports/games do you do while the sun sets?

Coachella-Inspired Boho Chic Nail Art From Red Carpet Manicure

image002 (5)

Sunsets while listening to your favorite bands are synonymous with Coachella—but don’t forget to also turn up the volume on your nails this festival season with Red Carpet Manicure. RCM has just what you need to create free-spirited fingers and a bold look to complement your boho chic style!

Below please find a Coachella inspired nail art tutorial from Red Carpet Manicure Nail Technician, Candace Szpeich, using shades from the brand’s new nail lacquer collection.


Coachella Sunset:

  1. First, apply one coat of RCM “Clingy” base coat.
  2. Then, polish one-third of the nail, starting at the top with “9 Inch Heels” nail lacquer.
  3. Then, polish the middle third of the nail with “Amour” nail lacquer, slightly overlapping with “9 Inch Heels.”
  4. On the last third, apply “On Screen Kiss” nail lacquer, again with a slight overlap with “Amour.”
  5. Then, cover the entire nail with one coat of “Makeup Time” nail lacquer and add glitter pieces where each shade meets.
  6. Last, apply one coat RCM “Shine On” top coat.

Freestyle Jam Session With Jake Miller & Joey Gandolfo — See Video Here

joey gandolfo jake millerJake Miller and Joey Gandolfo are back with another freestyling jam session. Only this time, they didn’t kidnap the camera to record it. Jake and the guitarist decide to chill out on his balcony last night (March 10th) and freestyle, cause for Jake, there’s “Nothing like a jam sesh during a Cali sunset”. So, check out the jam session here and tell us what you think!

Jake Miller’s Chipotle Sunset — See Pic Here

BiaNFVpCMAA9HFSJake Miller’s idea of a sunset watch? Sitting barefoot wearing shorts and tank on top of his car while eating Mexican food. There’s nothing wrong with that as he seemed to be enjoying himself while awaiting another California sunset yesterday (March 10th). He even puts on his tweeted pic: “California + Chipotle + Sunset = 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍” Have any more for us, Jake?

Bella Thorne And Boyfriend Tristan Klier Share A Sweet Kiss On The Beach!

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 7.16.49 PM

Bella Thorne and her boyfriend, Tristan Klier, are probably the most adorable couple! The two seem to spend as much time together as possible. Although we aren’t certain exactly when the two lovebirds spent time together on the beach but when they did, they wasted no time to share a special moment as they kissed on the beach with the sunset behind them. Tristan shared the photo on Instagram and it’s sure a KODAK moment! Check out the photo and let us know what you think by commenting!

Tiffany Thornton Shares Sunset! @therealtiffany


Tiffany Thornton shared a gorgeous photo on Instagram of the beautiful Southern California sunset! If you aren’t already following her on Instagram, you should @tiffthornton! Check out the photo she posted above

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