Summer With Cimorelli: Episode 5 — Watch Now!

cimorelliIn this fifth episode of Summer With Cimorelli called, “Pretty Little Cimorelliars”, the sisters rehearse the conversation with their mother before actually speaking to her. Unfortunately, they seem to have trouble with their cover story. As they converse with their mother, the girls breeze through with no problem until they end the video chat causing their mother to send over Grandma Judy to check on them.

Check out the final episode of this great series below and let us know what you think!

Happy Birthday, Amy Cimorelli!

amy cimorelliAmy Cimorelli, from Cimorelli and the web series Summer With Cimorelli, is celebrating her 19th birthday today!

All of us here at TeenInfonet wish you a very Happy Birthday, Amy, and hope you have a fantastic day!

Behind The Scenes Of Summer With Cimorelli: Meet The Mom — Watch Now!

cimorelliWe are getting so many great behind the scenes features from Summer With Cimorelli, sponsored by Subway! First homeschooling, then the monkey business and now, we get to meet the lovely woman who raised these beautifully talented sisters, Lynne Cimorelli! Lynne sat down and gives the inside scoop on how her daughters began their music career!

Check the interview in the BTS video below!

Behind The Scenes Of Summer With Cimorelli: Monkey Business — Watch Now!

cimorelliIt’s time for another behind the scenes look at the new fresh web comedy series, Summer with Cimorelli, presented by Subway! In the last behind the scenes feature, the girls gave us inside information on homeschooling. Now, it’s time to get down to business! Monkey business, that is!

Check out this great look at Sue, the monkey behind the antics of the funny series below! What do you think of this awesome monkey?

Summer With Cimorelli: Episode 4 — Watch Now!


Cimorelli fans, a brand new episode of Summer With Cimorelli is finally here! This time we get to view the sisters doing an audition.

In this episode, the sisters are still dealing with money troubles for the summer and, with a crazy monkey in their midst, the girls need to find a way to earn more cash. As they have Subway for breakfast in the backyard, Lisa mentions that big shot Broadway director Barry Ortega is holding auditions for a live stage production of Savannah Lousiana. With their chance at the audition, does it work out for them?

Find out how this new episode of Summer With Cimorelli, titled “Welcome to Show Business”, ends below! Tell us your favorite part!

Summer With Cimorelli: Episode 3 — Watch Now!

cimorelliIn the new episode 3 of Summer With Cimorelli, it’s chicken soup and tissues time as the sisters end up getting sick!

It all starts when Lisa catches Lauren with her name-labeled pudding, snatching it back, but being forewarned about the issue of getting sick. Both sisters end up getting sick, then passes down the line when Katherine and Christina end up ill, too. With Amy and Dani the only healthy ones, they’re responsible for everything, including what to do for their next money-maker.

An opportunity presents itself in the grocery store parking lot in the form of a football player who agrees to let the sisters perform the Star-Spangled Banner at his next football game via satellite.

Check out the new episode below and let us know what you think of their performance!

Behind The Scenes Of Summer With Cimorelli: Home Schooled — Watch Now!

cimorelliGet ready to go behind the scenes of Summer with Cimorelli as you get a peek into the personal lives of the sisters.

In this behind the scenes video, Cimorelli talks about being home schooled. Listen to what each of these sisters have to say about home schooling and what it’s like for them.

Check it out below!

Summer With Cimorelli: Episode 2 — Watch Now!

cimorelliWe can already hear Cimorelli fans shouting for joy! An all-new episode of Summer with Cimorelli has emerged for your viewing pleasure!

In episode 2, the girls are trying to figure out a way to make money. With only $6 left to their name, they must come up with a bright idea to earn more. What better way to earn the money than making videos, which they shoot on a crowded boardwalk!

Check out the beautiful harmony of Cimorelli in “The Bright Idea” below!

TI Exclusive: Cimorelli At The #SummerWithCimorelli Premiere Event, June 3rd, 2014, YouTube Space LA

image006 (2)

On Tuesday night, fans packed YouTube Space LA for the live-streamed red carpet premiere of “Summer with Cimorelli,” a new scripted comedy series on AwesomenessTV staring the YouTube pop sensation Cimorelli sisters Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani. The series stars the Cimorelli, who are on the verge of musical stardom, but first must survive the summer with no parents and no cash.

Our very own field reporter Crystal Ng was there to cover the event, and she was able to  interview the Cimorelli sisters themselves. The sensational sister act talks about being on the show, how the show came about and much more.

Photo/Video Credits: Crystal Ng

Check out Crystal’s interview with Cimorelli below.

Cimorelli Debuts Scripted Comedy ‘Summer With Cimorelli” On AwesomenessTV


Content & Co and SUBWAY® Restaurants Launch Scripted Comedy Series with YouTube Sensation Cimorelli on AwesomenessTV Today

The “Summer with Cimorelli” Premiere Event Will Be Live-Streamed

From YouTube Space LA

Content & Co (, the leading LA-based brand studio, SUBWAY® Restaurants, and AwesomenessTV yesterday announced the launch of a new original scripted comedy series with Cimorelli, a six-sister a cappella group, who are among YouTube’s biggest stars, with 2.5 million subscribers. “Summer with Cimorelli” will be available on AwesomenessTV, the leading teen/tween destination and Cimorelli’s YouTube Channel, part of the AwesomenessTV multi-channel network.

Filmed at YouTube Space LA and on location throughout the LA area, “Summer with Cimorelli” is a five-episode comedy about how the sisters survive the summer with no parents and no cash. Written by Douglas Lieblein, co-executive producer of “Hannah Montana” and directed by Melanie Mayron, director of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the program pairs top Hollywood creative talent with some of the biggest teen YouTube stars. The series is executive produced by Peter Isacksen of Content & Co.

Content & Co, SUBWAY® Restaurants and AwesomenessTV kicked off the series with a red carpet premiere party at YouTube Space LA, and it was live-streamed at yesterday at 7:30pm PT/10:30pm ET.

“As YouTube stars are becoming brands in their own right we are seeing more opportunity to develop premium programming around them with our brand partners,” said Stuart McLean, founder and CEO, Content & Co. “The Cimorelli deal is unique in that it sets up all parties – SUBWAY, AwesomenessTV, Cimorelli and top Hollywood production talent – to push from the same side of the table, a drastically different approach to the traditional TV model, and one that benefits all partners involved.”

An added element is that two new original singles will be featured exclusively on the show.

Tony Pace, Global Chief Marketing Officer at SUBWAY® Franchise World Headquarters commented: “As entertainment options evolve, we believe brands need to take their appropriate place in the content itself. At SUBWAY, we’ve had a lot of success reaching our varied target audiences through branded entertainment and are excited to be supporting Cimorelli through our latest endeavor ‘Summer with Cimorelli.’”

“We are big fans of Cimorelli, who are part of our network and the first act signed to our music label,” said Brian Robbins, CEO and Founder AwesomenessTV.  “‘Summer with Cimorelli’ is a perfect fit for AwesomenessTV, featuring great YouTube talent, great production values and a strong brand partnership, which is why we are turning the launch into a major event for our channel.”

As one of the hottest current musical acts, the sister group is signed with Universal Music’s Island label. Cimorelli was selected as an iTunes Artist of the Week in 2013, garnering more than 350,000 downloads of its single Made In America and won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star the same year. Additionally, the sister group co-headlined the sold out DigiFest UK, drawing 5,000 attendees  and  will continue on the tour – New York City on June 7, Toronto on June 14, and Minnesota on August 24.

Check out the first episode of the Summer With Cimorelli below:





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