Bella Thorne Hits The Gym And Shares Her Fitness Secrets!

Bella Thorne has developed a new love of going to the gym and working on her fitness. The other day Bella took to Twitter to share a pretty picture of herself on the way to the gym saying, “A physically active life style leads to more happiness and better health. I started my day off w/ cardio.”

Bella was also recently interviewed by US Weekly about her diet and exercise style saying, “I never used to work out. I was just so lazy, now, I literally work out every day. I go to SoulCycle in the morning, then I go to the gym with my brother and [boyfriend Tristan Klier] and all of our friends. We usually do legs, biceps, back, and I do a full abs workout. “I’m definitely bigger, it’s cool with me. I like being in shape and fit. What I eat is so unhealthy. People will order me salads at photo shoots, and it literally makes me laugh. I either want cheeseburgers with bacon and avocado, or I want pizza or hot dogs or chicken wings, which is my really big thing I’m into.”

We think it’s great that Bella has found a nice balance between working out, exercising and still managing to enjoy the foods she loves. Nothing wrong with a good ole’ slice of pizza! πŸ™‚ What is your favorite way to stay fit and active?

Ariana Grande Is Inspired By Her Grandpa’s Strength!



Any many of Ariana Grande’s fans know, her grandfather has been fighting a difficult battle with cancer for a while. Thankfully, Ariana took to Twitter yesterday to confirm that he is doing MUCH better and to let fans know how they can be inspired by his strength the way she is.

Ariana says, “kidneys fully functioning, liver fully functioning, cancer is at bay & the malignant cancer is GONE. my 90 y/o grandpa is a f***ing heroπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ.Β my heart!!… he is an inspiration & a fighter. if he can do THIS at his age…we can conquer anything… keep doing it grandps. we love u!!Β nobody like him. he’s got what we all need.. strength, light, courage, fearlessness, humor, humaneness, a bad ass mentality & LOVE for LIFE.”

Ariana went on to say, “hoping grandpa’s news today brings hope & strength to any of u reading who need it. whatever ur personal battle is, u can overcome it…. 🌌🌌”

We are so glad to hear that Ariana’s Grandpa is doing well! πŸ™‚


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