Watch: Shay Mitchell Talks Kissing Girls, Celebrating Uniqueness, + Being Stalked By Beyoncé On ‘Katie’

Shay Mitchell sat down with Katie Couric for her ABC daytime talk show Katie on Thursday, March 13 in New York City, NY to talk about her hit show Pretty Little Liars and her character Emily Fields, whose homosexuality, she believes, can give those like her a role model, open dialogues among families, and promote tolerance… not to mention, the role gives her some better-smelling, softer-lipped love interests to kiss than the other girls!

She also touched very personally on the struggles faced growing up Filipino in a predominantly Caucasian community, her desire to change herself to fit in, and the lesson she took from it: it’s important to celebrate your uniqueness! And, she seemed to stress, she doesn’t want young girls to compare themselves to her and her fellow Liars, who have often sat in makeup for hours and have false eyelashes on for scenes where they’re supposed to just be waking up!

Watch Shay talk about all that, the causes closest to her heart, and her constant run-ins with Beyoncé in the interview below now and let us know what you think about what Shay has to say!

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