Demi Lovato Heads To Washington DC To Speak About Mental Health Legislation

Demi Lovato helped tack a stand today as she came to Washington DC to help lobby Congress to pass a comprehensive mental health bill. The National Alliance on Mental Illness’s annual four-day convention in Washington began today and Demi made a wonderful and lasting impression during her speech. Demi spoke about the importance of mental health awareness, her personal struggles, and how important it is for Congress to help pass laws to help those who struggle.

Demi says, “Those of us here today know that mental illness has no prejudice. It affects people of every race, age, gender, religion and economic status. It doesn’t discriminate between Republicans or Democrats, either.” She went on to say that although she was “in no way shape or form” a policy expert, that “It’s time for Congress to act. This year.” She added, “I want to show the world that there is life — surprising, wonderful, unexpected life — after diagnosis.”

We think that its wonderful that Demi is standing up for what she believes in and is sharing awareness about mental health and the importance passing laws to help. Way to go, Demi! Perhaps a political career is in her future! Would you vote for Demi? We sure would!

Miley Cyrus’ Touching VMA Speech With A Twist! – Watch Here!


Miley Cyrus made a daring impression on the 2013 VMA audience when she twerked onstage with Robin Thicke, but this year she decided to leave a different kind of impression. When Miley’s hit song “Wrecking Ball” won a VMA, instead of giving a typical acceptance speech, Miley invited a homeless youth named Jessie onstage to accept the award and give a touching speech which brought tears to the eyes of Miley, the crowd, and many fans worldwide.

Check out the beautiful and important speech below, and be sure to visit Miley’s Facebook page to find out how you can donate to homeless youth as well!

Demi Lovato Rocks Poptart’s ‘Crazy Good Summer’ Concert! – Videos Here!!


Demi Lovato rocked the house at Poptart’s “Crazy Good Summer” festival recently. If you couldn’t be there in person, never fear! We have a great collection of videos straight from the show for you to watch down below. Let us know your favorite Demi song in our comment section!

The show included some of Demi’s biggest hits, as well as a beautiful and inspiring speech from Demi herself. She always knows how to put on a wonderful, touching show for her Lovatics!

Demi Lovato Attends Rally For ‘NYC Pride’ – Photo Gallery Here!



As a huge support of the LBGT community, Demi Lovato sure knows how to show her pride! Yesterday she took to the streets of New York to attend a rally for ‘NYC Pride.’

Demi not only gave a speech to all in attendence about the importance of pride and what it means to her, she also took time to pose for pictures with the fans that came across her as she walked around the event.

Check out the photos below for more of Demi both on and offstage, and remember to always be proud of who you are!

Bella Thorne Wins “Pioneering Spirit Award” From Thirst Gala!



Bella Thorne has given much of her time and heart to the youth water activism organization, The Thirst Project, and now they have given her a wonderful award to show their thanks. Bella received the Pioneering Spirit Award at the 5th Annual Thirst Gala.

Although Bella could not be there in person to accept the award, she check in via video to accept and share words of thanks and support. Bella’s besties including Zendaya Coleman and Caroline Sunshine even made a video message for Bella sharing how much she inspires both of them, as well as discussing a little bit about the work she does for The Thirst Project.

Check out Zendaya and Caroline’s video message to Bella here:


Demi Lovato Reveals That Her Grandfather Was Gay!



Demi Lovato took to the stage at the Logo TV ‘Trailblazers’ event the other night where she revealed one of the many reasons that she has such a strong connection to the LGBT community. Demi discussed that her grandfather was gay and that it inspired her to stand up for equality. We think it’s wonderful that Demi has joined the ranks of stars who support equality and love for everyone.

Check out the clip of Demi’s speech here: …and don’t forget to tune in to ‘Trailblazers’ tomorrow night!

Demi Lovato Makes A Moving Speech At 2014 Jed Foundation Annual Gala! – Listen Here!


Demi Lovato recently made an appearance at the 2014 Jed Foundation for their 13th Annual Gala called The Brightest Night 2014 which was held on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. At the event, Demi presented student Margaret Kramer with the Jerry Greenspan Student Voice of Mental Health Award for her work in raising awareness about mental health. The cause is quite close to Demi as she herself has gone through many struggles in her life.

Demi also looked quite fabulous in a black mini-dress with a black Roberto Cavalli kaftan with intricate silver beading.The singer made quite the emotional and moving speech.  Although we cannot see Demi in the video, we are able to hear Demi make her speech quite clearly. Check it out by listening to it in the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Hilary Duff Lends Her Time To The March For Babies Walk In L.A. Today — See The Pics!

Hilary Duff has a huge heart and she let it show this morning (April 26) when she volunteered her time at the March of Dimes’s March for Babies walk in Exposition Park in Los Angeles, CA. The talented star and mother of two-year old Luca, Hil spoke and walked her fellow marchers at the event which raised funds to help prevent premature birth and support families who have children born prematurely — over 50,000 children a year in California alone.

Hilary posed for pictures with fans along the way — but her biggest fan was probably the March of Dimes National Ambassador Aiden LaMothe, who got a big hug from and a bunch of pictures with the cause’s celebrity supporter!

Check out the photos of Hilary from the March for Babies walk today in the gallery below now:

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Selena Gomez At We Day CA: “I Lost Sight Of Who I Was” — Watch Her Confessional, Inspirational Speech!

Sure, you saw all the gorgeous pics of Selena Gomez at the first ever We Day California in Oakland, CA today (March 26), but you haven’t seen Selena Gomez until you’ve watched the speech she gave on stage at the Oracle Arena in front of a huge crowd of young people who had earned their seats by actively making positive changes in their communities and/or the world at large.

Selena, who came with a speech prepared on note cards, ditched the words she’d written down in favor of a candid talk with the supportive crowd, her voice often wavering with emotion — one that covered her early life as the daughter of a single teenage mother, her early days as an actress, the doors she had shut in her face, and the lessons she’s learned in the process.

“Let the critics be critcs, and let us just trust ourselves,” her mother once said to her, and it was a mantra she adopted for quite some time, and, boy, did she prove those who thought she wasn’t good enough wrong!

However, Selena acknowledged that trusting yourself and being yourself isn’t always easy: “They tell me what to wear, how to look, what I should say, how I should be. Until recently, I had given into that pressure,” she admitted. “I lost sight of who I was. I listened to opinions of people and I tried to change who I am because I thought that others would accept me for it. And I realized I don’t know how to be anything but myself.”

Her brief stint in rehab, possibly, is to thank for her renewed perspective on herself. We’re happy that Selena found her way back, and hope that others who struggle with identity and the pressures put on them daily can take her message to heart and take strength from it.

Watch her full speech in the video below and let us know what you think of what Selena had to say!

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Selena Gomez: Radiant In Red At We Day In Oakland, CA — See All The Pics!

Selena Gomez hopped a flight from Los Angeles to Oakland, CA today (March 26) to make a special appearance at a very special event: the first ever We Day California at the Oracle Arena!

Along with the likes of Seth Rogen, Magic Johnson, J. Cole, Big Sean, Rico and Raini Rodriguez, Orlando Bloom, and more, Sel helped celebrate the amazing ways in which every single young person in the audience earned their ticket to the event — through charitable work and volunteerism in their communities and beyond!

Her passionate speech — matched by the fiery, fierce red of her suit — was both moving and inspirational. While she hoped to motivate the young minds in the crowd to be themselves, she repeatedly expressed how inspired she was by them and how their good deeds motivate her to be better. Sounds like a win for everyone!

“#Weday -unbelievable time. So inspired and hopefully encouraged many!!” Selena wrote afterward on Twitter.

Check out all the pics of Selena at We Day California in the gallery below and be sure to watch the video of her great speech, too!

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