Sierra McCormick Is Dead…On Set — Sneak Peek Pic!!


Sierra McCormick has died. Or at least her character has on the set of her new movie ‘Some Kind Of Hate’. Sierra posted this disturbing sneak peek pic from her new movie yesterday on Instagram.

Sierra is no stranger to horror films and shows. She played Lilith for a while when she was younger on the series ‘Supernatural’. Those episodes are still our favs because Sierra was just so creepy in them. She sent shivers up our spine and we are sure she won’t disappoint us in this movie.

WOW!! Call us morbid maybe but Sierra still looks pretty in this pic. We can’t wait to see this movie!!

sierramccormickxoxo: Follow @somekindofhatemovie because they helped me get to be Laura Palmer today! “Dead, wrapped in plastic.” #SKOHMovie #TwinPeaks #LauraPalmer

Sierra McCormick Cast In Horror Film ‘Some Kind Of Hate’

Hang out to your hats Disney and horror fans, Sierra McCormick has been cast in the upcoming horror film Some Kind Of Hate.

The film follows a tightly wound kid who is often bullied by high schoolers and is sent away to a desert reform school where he accidentally summons a vengeful spirit to get revenge on his tormentors.

Sierra is currently filming SKOH in Los Angeles, California. Are you excited for this upcoming movie?

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