Emblem3: Wesley + Keaton Stromberg Are Now On Snapchat!

keaton wesley strombergThese two awesome brothers of Emblem3, Wesley and Keaton Stromberg, can now be found on the app, Snapchat! You can add and follow them!

So, make sure you add WesAndKeats to your Snapchat and have some fun!

Kevin Jonas Is Now On Snapchat!

Kevin Jonas

Just a couple of minutes ago, Kevin Jonas posted his Snapchat info via Twitter. Make sure you guys add and follow him to see his day-to-day adventures, and who knows he might even snapchat you!

His Snapchat is: Kevinjonasii


This is his tweet from a few minutes ago:

Blake Michael’s On Snapchat!

blake michaelGuess who you can finally follow on Snapchat? The awesome Blake Michael, from Disney Channel’s Dog With A Blog, decided to enter the world of Snapchat!

So, if you got a Snapchat, he’s welcoming you to follow him!

Jake Miller’s On Snapchat!

jake millerHey, Millertary, if you didn’t know by now, Jake Miller is finally on the app, Snapchat. You can find him on the app under the name: jmillermusic.

Unfortunately, Jake says his Snapchat is set to private “because the second I make it public, I get thousands of snapchats and the app crashes.”

Certainly, all you Milletary understand, but you can still add him and read all his stories. Do you have Snapchat yet?




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