Jake Miller & Joey Gandolfo: Gym Time @jakemiller @thisisjoeyg

BhlOfOlCUAAruirJake Miller and his guitarist/DJ Joey Gandolfo get themselves to the gym once more, the singer showing off bulging biceps as he takes a selfie of himself and Joey (behind him) in the gym’s mirror. For Jake, the gym is one of the few things on his schedule while living in L.A.. According to his tweet, his schedule goes as follows: “Our schedule while in LA = gym, studio, gym studio, gym, studio, sleep”. Hopefully he gets more sleep than his schedule says. Keep up your great work, Jake!

Jake Miller: Singing Himself To Sleep

b069fe9a985b11e3aacd12e8ce7ae5be_8 Jake’s laying back on a shaggy-type of carpeting while playing on a fancy-looking mini guitar (or banjo?), saying in his tweet, “Singing myself to sleep”.  Must be comfortable if he wishes to rest there. Have you ever sang yourself to sleep? What was your song of choice?

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