VIDEO: Who Wins The “Selfie Standoff”: Alli Simpson Or Cody Simpson? You Judge!

alli codyIt’s a “Selfie Standoff” at Radio Disney with the lovely Alli Simpson versus her singing sensation brother, Cody Simpson!

During Alli’s first radio show with Radio Disney, the two decided to standoff against one another to see which one of the siblings does a better selfie. The idea is to keep going until one of them runs out of ideas! Who wins? You be the judge of that!

Check out the fun video below as we get to see Cody and Alli in new selfie ways!

Cody & Alli Simpson Are Headed To The TCA’s!!

Cody and Alli Simpson are headed to the Teen Choice Awards! Alli posted the photo above letting us know they are on their way.

We can’t wait to see photos of them on the red carpet. Looking forward to seeing their full outfit, they for sure are stylish siblings!!

Support Justin Bieber’s Younger Siblings In Rev It Up For SickKids!


Support Rev It Up For SickKids, the fundraiser hosted by Justin Bieber’s younger siblings Jazmyn and Jaxon in support of the health of children! On July 20th, Rev It Up For SickKids will allow bikers and bike enthusiasts to unite for a fun ride with an amazing cause. For more details, see this link:

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