Jake Miller’s Fans Know Him Too Well — See The Best Present He’s Ever Received From A Fan!

jakeFans absolutely love giving their favorite stars presents and the celebs enjoy receiving them. Especially Jake Miller. His Millertary fanbase knows him like the backs of their hands.

Check out the this funny, but awesome present he received from a fan above! He captions the pic on Instagram saying:

“By far the best present I’ve ever gotten from a fan ๐ŸŽ #YouKnowMeTooWell”

Of course, we all know he loves Chipolte. So no doubt he’s in love with this shirt! What do you think of this hilarious shirt?

Stefanie Scott Recovers From Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Pulled – Ouch!

Getting dental work done is not usually at the top of the list of things any of us enjoy doing, but Stefanie Scott is a real trooper! Stefanie recently had a procedure to get her wisdom teeth removed. Ouch! As most anyone who has had their wisdom teeth out knows that it is an uncomfortable process, but Stefanie seems to be taking it in stride.

So, what has Stefanie been up to during her recovery? Well, learning how to knit of course! We wonder what Stefanie has come up with so far and hope she posts more photos soon. It looks like Stefanie has been rocking out with her Led Zeppelin shirt as well. Rock on Stefanie! We here at ‘TeenInfoNet’ wish you a speedy recovery!

Jake Miller’s Posing In New Merch For You — Check Them Out!

jake millerIf there’s one thing we love, it’s new merchandise from our favorite celebs and artists! Just today, Jake Miller shared happiness as he announced that new merch for the fans was finally out! With his show today at Six Flags in New Jersey, the new merch will be available for purchase! Plus, you can get it at JakeMiller.com if you aren’t at the Jersey show.

And you know what makes this new merch even better? Jake Miller posing in the new shirt and hoodie! Check them out below and let us know which one you would get!


Demi Lovato Wears Jimmy Fallon Sweater As She Is Mobbed By Fans — Pics Here!


On Saturday, the 21-year-old wore a Jimmy Fallon sweater given to her as a gift on The Tonight Show the evening before as she landed at the airport in Los Angeles greeted by a mob of excited fans. Demi grinned happily as she made her way through the crowd.

She paired the sweater, which showcased Jimmy Fallon’s face and the letters ‘BFF FFFFFFFFFFFFF’ across the front, with leggings, tall dark socks and pink trainers with neon green laces.

See more images below.

Madonna & Miley Cyrus Play InstaTag – Is There A Future Collaboration In The Works?!



The fandom world has been swirling with rumors and speculation that Miley Cyrus and Madonna will be teaming up on a new song soon… could this be the confirmation we’ve all been hoping for!? …possibly.

Madonna has tagged Miley Cyrus on a photo of Rebeal Heart lyrics on Instagram and a few minutes later Miley replied to her with a “tongue-out” selfie while while wearing a Madonna shirt.

Are these gals just playing around, or could they be giving fans a big hint on a possible collaboration in the works? We’re hoping for the latter!! Stay tuned to TeenInfoNet as soon as the official word breaks!!

Would you like to hear a Miley and Madonna musical collab in the future? Let us know in the comment box below!!

Win Breakfast With Austin Mahone After TODAY Show Concert — Details Inside

austin mahoneYes, Mahomies, it is what you just read above! If you wear an original Mahomie made shirt for the TODAY Show concert, you just might get a chance at a nice breakfast with Austin Mahone himself after the show at a secret location!

Remember, he’ll be playing at the TODAY Show on May 26th, Memorial Day, in New York! Will you be there?

Ally Brooke Shows Off Gifts From Fans

BiU4Y2MIQAAq-TMAlly Brooke, of Fifth Harmony, tweeted a lovely image of herself wearing new threads. The pale heart patterned gray shirt and beautiful necklace were a gift from fans. She tweets on Twitter: “Thank you so much to the sweet fans who gave me this beautiful shirt and the gorgeous necklace. ๐Ÿ’– I love them!! I love wearing the things y’all give me”.ย 

What do you think of the shirt and necklace? Have you ever given your favorite star/artist a gift?

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