Nashville Hip-Hop Artist, ShaManic Is About To Go “Mindless”!


ShaManic, the Nashville rapper known for his dynamic beats, diverse melodies and passionate vocals will be releasing his brand new video Mindless which is taken from his debut album THE ARTIST on February 24, 2015.
The song originated from ShaManic’s past in a mental institution where he battled physical health issues. Produced by Provoke Films, “Mindless” was directed by Ciro Ayala and animated by Cyrus Wang and Caesar Liu.
Mindless takes you on a journey inside the depths of ShaManic’s fraught mind as he recounts the experience of being a patient in a psychiatric hospital. He expresses the grueling experience throughout the lyrics of the song:
Run off the tracks, crash in a blaze of gory glory
Only I have a cadaver gathered to take the place for me
As I escape and relax, fiddling with a straight jacket latch
Next time I’ll just snap my arm in half and escape like that
ShaManic’s Mindless video is like a page out of Hunter S. Thompson’s classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas coming to life and brilliantly illustrating the drug induced imagery – morphing characters, fictional animals and drug euphoria which he experienced during his hospitalization.
At least I’ve got this seraquil Vanderbilt prescribed telling me it might help
If I keep trying to bite, I might be masked no vigilante
Psychotic, depressed, anxious, they trying to up the anti
But all the meds do is fuck my head and leave me feeling antsy
The video is also filled with colorful metaphors, abstract art and vivid dream-like depictions to symbolize the artistic and imaginative mind of ShaManic. He uses art in different ways to tell his triumphant story, “Music is ecstasy to me. It’s the place I can escape to and forget the world; forget my pain, my problems, and a place where everything is possible. When I write a song, I guess that’s where I’m trying to take you,” ShaManic explains.
Mindless is ShaManic’s way of spreading his message in the hope that it will reach and affect others who find themselves struggling through dark times. It is however, the same journey which fueled his brightly burning artistic fire.
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