Janelle Monae Performs The Original Song “THE POWER OF YET” On Sesame Street — WATCH NOW!!


On the SPECIAL 45TH ANNIVERSARY season of Sesame Street, R&B star Janelle Monae performs the original song “The Power Of Yet”. Janelle isn’t the first musician to visit one of the most famous streets in America, she follows in the footsteps of many musical icons such as: Ray Charles, Paul Simon, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and the list goes on.


One Direction Is Visiting Sesame Street This Season – Check Out The New Promo Here!


As many of you may or may not know, the guys of One Direction will be appearing in the new season of Sesame Street! The new season is set to start this month on September 15! The show released a new promo video for the season that will feature One Direction. Along with the promo, Sesame Street wrote:

“1D! 1D! 1D! We love the number 1 and the letter D! They’re both so dreamy! The way number 1 is before 2 and 3 makes our hearts leap. And who can resist letter D. He’s right after C, but right before E. What a letter! 1D might be the most popular act in show business. Even the One Direction boys are on the bandwagon!”

Be sure to check out the promo in the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Liam Payne And Harry Styles Sing The ABC’s With Bert From Sesame Street – Watch Here!


Earlier this year, One Direction appeared on Sesame Street where they sang “What Makes ‘U’ Useful.” This time, One Direction members Liam Payne and Harry Styles return to sing with Sesame Street character Bert. The three of them refreshed themselves on their ABC’s as they all sang together! The following was posted along with the video posted by Sesame Street:

“Liam and Harry from One Direction are pretty sure they know their ABCs, but they wanted to run through them one more time for good measure. Bert was there to help.”

Be sure to check out Liam and Harry singing the ABC’s by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting! One Direction will appear on the 45th season of Sesame Street this fall.

One Direction Serenades U… The Letter U, That Is — Watch Their ‘Sesame Street’ Sneak Peek Here!

One Direction, 'Sesame Street'

Confession: we’ve never been more jealous of a letter of the alphabet before. Ahead of One Direction’s appearance on the classic children’s television show Sesame Street — which will air sometime this year — the show released a sneak peek of the band’s segment… a re-imagining of their hit “What Makes You Beautiful” as a song about the current luckiest letter in the universe: U!

Check out Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn singing about “What Makes ‘U’ Useful” in the super cute teaser below now:

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One Direction Will Be Appearing On Episode of Sesame Street! @onedirection

One DirectionOne Direction paid a visit to the set of Sesame Street not only to say hello to Big Bird but also to record some segments from an upcoming educational show where the boy band will be featured! During their visit, the band got to take a photo with the Big Yellow Bird. The Sesame Street Twitter page tweeted the photo with the caption:

“Guess who’s 1D’s “biggest” fan? (And thanks for visiting Sesame Street, @onedirection!)”

I guess we can say Big Bird is 1D’s biggest fan. You can catch One Direction during the 45th season of Sesame Street which is set to premiere next fall.

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