Acacia Shoots With Brandi! @acaciabrinley @thebrandicyrus


Check out the photo above – Acacia Brinley had fun shooting with Brandi Cyrus for Seriously Cyrus!

Acacia On Seriously Cyrus! @AcaciaBrinley


Acacia Brinley has announced that she is filming with Brandi Cyrus for her Seriously Cyrus weekly episodes on Youtube! Make sure you subscribe to them so you can see Acacia!

Noah Cyrus Breaks Her Right Arm – See Her SeriouslyCyrus Video Message Here! @noahcyrus @SeriouslyCyrus

noahA little over a week ago, Noah Cyrus shared that she had broken her collarbone. Now, Noah revealed in her video that she uploaded to the new Seriously Cyrus YouTube Channel that she has broken her arm! Along with the video, she wrote:

“I broke my arm! So I couldn’t edit this video…lol enjoy!”

She broke her arm after she fell but she doesn’t mention how she fell. Now, Noah has only one hand to use and it’s her lefty! In case you didn’t do know, Noah is not left-handed so doing those every day tasks are a little more difficult. That’s why she couldn’t even edit her own video! She also said that she is in quite a lot of pain but who wouldn’t be after you break a bone?!

Check out what else Noah had to say by checking out her video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

New Sunday Session With Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy RaySeriously Cyrus, the Cyrus family Youtube channel, has released their third Sunday Sessions with Billy Ray Cyrus. Check this one out as Billy Ray reunites with his band “Brother Clyde”

Do you guys enjoy these Sunday Sessions with BRC? Let us and him know in the comments below.


Noah Cyrus Introduces No Mirror Makeup Challenge! – Watch Now! @noahcyrus

Noah Cyrus uploaded yet another fun and entertaining video the Seriously Cyrus YouTube Channel. In her latest episode, Noah gives us her take on the No Mirror Makeup Challenge. Putting on makeup can sure be a process in itself and to do without a mirror – oh my! But Noah seems to have had no problems. It’s almost like she is an expert! Check out Noah putting on make up without a mirror by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Billy Ray Cyrus Sunday Sessions Episode 2 – Watch Now! @seriouslycyrus @billyraycyrus

billyBilly Ray Cyrus shared his second video on the new Seriously Cyrus YouTube Channel. His second episode as part of Sunday Sessions, Billy shared footage of his visit to the KTLA news station where he performed on KTLA to benefit the Red Cross telethon for the Philippines. Check out his performance and his new video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Noah Cyrus Shares New Video: Weird Science, Take 2 – Watch It Now! @noahcyrus @seriouslycyrus

noahNoah Cyrus recently uploaded her second video on the new Seriously Cyrus YouTube channel. Her new video is titled Weird Science – Take 2. In the video, Noah and her friends act out and re-create a scene from Weird Science! Check out Noah’s re-creation by watching the video below! Keep updated with us for more videos from the Cyrus Family. Watch the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Episode 2 Of Brandi Cyrus’ “Brandiville” – The Slip Dress – Watch Now! @brandicyrus @seriouslycyrus

brandiBrandi Cyrus uploaded her second video to the new Seriously Cyrus YouTube Channel. Her second video is also the second episode of her own segment, Brandiville. The second episode is titled The Slip Dress. In the first episode, Brandi gave us a look on how to wear a Little Black Dress. In this episode, she talks about the Slip Dress and the different ways to wear it. Check out what Brandi has to say by watching the video below!

Sunday Sessions With Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy RaySeriously Cyrus, the Cyrus Family’s newest Youtube account, has posted their first Sunday Sessions video featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. Check out BRC jamming out acoustically in the video below and let us know your thoughts.

Noah Cyrus Shares Her First Episode On The Seriously Cyrus YouTube Channel @noahcyrus

noahNoah Cyrus has uploaded her first and new video for the new YouTube channel formed by the Cyrus Family called Seriously Cyrus. In this video, Noah and her friend take part in the Chubby Bunny Challenge where they have to fit as many giant marshmallows as they can in their mouth one at a time while still being able to say “Chubby Bunny.” It sure is a funny one. Check out the video below to see which one of them wins!

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