Bella Thorne Describes Selena Gomez In Which 3 Words?!



Bella Thorne hosted an “#AskBella” chat on Twitter yesterday afternoon for her fans where she chatted about her music, movies, and more fun topics. Some Selena Gomez fans even joined in on the fun!

One of Selena/Bella’s fans asked Bella to describe Selena in 3 words, to which Bella answered with: “loving, fun, pretty.” How sweet! Bella also went to to say, “I also like that she can hold her head up high after all she’s been through.”

We are feeling the kind words that Bella had for Selena! Would you like to see the girls team up in the future? Who knows, maybe we’ll see a “Bell & Sel” song or movie in the works someday!

Are Demi & Selena Feuding Via Twitter??



Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have been best friends since childhood, but could something be coming between them? Demi has unfollowed Selena from Twitter, and yesterday evening posted this cryptic tweet and meme which has since been deleted.

We hope that it’s just weird timing and that all is well between the girls. What do you think? Is the Demi and Selena friendship boat hitting rough waters? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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