Alli Simpson Gets Stuck In Whose Sandwhich?! — Watch Here!!


Alli Simpson got stuck in a sandwich! She was walking around backstage when bam, she was stuck in a Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas sandwich. Be sure to check out the hilarious video of Nash and Cameron sandwiching people below!

“@allisimpson: Ahahahah cheers for the sandwich & @ :50seconds”

Zendaya’s Name Gets Spelled Wrong While At Deli – See The Pic! @zendaya

zendayaZendaya was grabbing a sandwich to-go at the deli and it turns out that the clerk didn’t really know her! When asked her name for the order, it seems like that person didn’t know how to spell it either! Zendaya shared a photo via Instagram of her name on the sandwich and it’s spelled wrong. Rather than being Zendaya, it was written as Cendea. The star writes:

“Well that’s a new way to spell it😂”

With a unique name like that, we are sure it happens quite often so it’s just best to laugh about it.

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