Ryan Beatty & More At Macy’s In Lynnhaven, Virginia Today!!!

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Hey Lynnhaven, Va.!! What are you doing today?? Ryan Beatty tweeted  that he will be at Macy’s in Lynnhaven at 2 pm today, September 9th. He will be there with Jack Johnson, Jack Galinsky, Material Girl and Digi Tour! Take a break and go to see your favorite celebrity at Macy’s!

Check out his tweet below!

Alli Simpson & Ryan Beatty’s Acoustic Cover For Beyoncé’s “XO” — Watch Here!!!

Alli Simpson

Late yesterday, Alli Simpson uploaded a music cover video of her and Ryan Beatty. The two were covering Beyoncé’s hit song  “XO”. The two also decided that the cover would be an acoustic cover which ended up turning out very well. Make sure to watch the cover below!

Sweety High Helps Ryan Beatty Cover A New Song — Watch Now!

ryan Music artist Ryan Beatty sent some time with Sweety High recently, coming out with a new cover song for all the fans to hear. Filmed and produced by Sweety High, this amazing singer is able to cover the hit single “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

Check out the fantastic exclusive cover below and let us know what you think!

Teala Dunn Has A Crazy Good Summer With Ryan Beatty & Demi Lovato — Watch Now!

teala dunn demi lovatoTeala Dunn was able to have a Crazy, Good Summer so far thanks to PopTarts! The young actress headed down to Dallas, Texas during one of the Crazy Good Summer concerts where she got the chance to meet up and interview up and coming artist Ryan Beatty! She also met Demi Lovato during the meet and greet with a photo op!

Check out Teala’s awesome time below!

Ryan Beatty’s Chatting It Up With Pop-Tarts Q & A TOMORROW!

ryan beattyHey, everybody! Guess who’s going to be chatting on Twitter live tomorrow? If you guessed Ryan Beatty, you would be correct! The young artist will be doing a live Q & A with Pop-Tarts and they want YOU to get your questions ready!

Use #CrazyGoodSummer to ask your questions now! Make sure your web surfing takes you back to Twitter at 3:30 p.m EST/12:30 PST for tomorrow, July 22nd for his answers!

To make it easier to follow the Q & A, make sure you follow Ryan’s Twitter and Pop-Tarts’s Twitter as well!

Demi Lovato Poses With The PopTarts!

Today, July 17, Demi Lovato performed at the PopTart 50th anniversary concert for their annual ‘Crazy Good Summer’ in Dallas, Texas.  Returning this year to open was Ryan Beatty and after the performance Demi posed with some real life PopTarts!

TI Exclusive! Ryan Beatty Talks Album In The Works!

Young and fresh, Ryan Beatty is ready for the career of a lifetime in the music industry!  This weekend Ryan will open up for Demi Lovato’s free concert in Dallas, but that is not all the 18-year-old singer has to look forward to.  In an interview with TeenInfoNet, Ryan expressed how excited he is to be headed in the direction he is going.

Are you excited to open for Demi in Dallas on the 17th?

I am very excited! The minute I got the news I was just extremely excited because she is very talented. I did one of the Poptart’s Crazy Good Summer last summer and it was a ton of fun and so I am excited to be back and doing it again.

What is your favorite part of performing?

The live aspect, I play with my band I don’t play with any tracks so it is 100% live.  It is always fun for me because that is when I think the magic happens, when you are up there and you aren’t tied down to the track or anything like that.  Me and my band will just do things, all the time, that we’ve never done before-not even in rehearsal-while we are up there.  It’s always very on-the-spot. That’s my favorite part of it, full mobility and being up there, living in the moment I guess you could say.

How do you feel about where your career is going right now?

I am happy.  I have been taking it slow with my album and stuff. Obviously I really want to put out an album but I have chosen to make the music that isn’t necessarily the easiest.  I am really trying to take my time with it and give it my all, I don’t know get more creative with my music?  Some of my older stuff that I have put out is a lot more pop than I want it to be so the music I am making now is a little more singer/songwriter and alternative.

Is there one thing that you are really looking forward to as you progress?

Honestly, putting out an album is the one thing that I am really setting my sights towards.  Going on tour, hopefully soon.  Those are the two really big goals I have.

Anything that you are working on right now?

The album is definitely my main focus right now, doing a few shows here and there.

So, everything is coming down to the album right now then!  Is that in the near future?

I don’t have a date in mind or anything, but I do see it coming together a lot faster.  Especially since this past year, 2014, it has been going a lot faster. I feel like I have hit a point where it is easier for me to tap into certain places that I wasn’t able to tap into before, like writing and stuff.  So it has gone a little faster, and I don’t know, I am just kind of working on it at my own pace.  I am not trying to rush it or anything.  I am happy with where is is going right now, just the direction is is going.

If you could write with anybody, who would you want to write with?

I would love to write with John Mayer. I don’t think he does a lot of co-writing but I think that would be awesome to write a song

with him.  He is just an insane writer, he is incredible.

You can check out some of Ryan on his YouTube channel, TheRyanBeatty, and look out for him at Poptart’s Crazy Good Summer this weekend, July 17th!


Join Ryan Beatty On UStream Now!

ryan beattyHey, Beatty fans! It’s about time you head over to the UStream site where Ryan Beatty is Ustreaming live with you right now! To get there, just click here and you’ll be seeing Ryan’s handsome face in no time! It began at 7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST, so no worries! Have fun streaming!

Before You Exit, Ryan Beatty + More At DigiFest In Minnesota!

digifest-mnAnother awesome DigiFest is coming your way, this time in Minnesota! The DigiTour is presenting DigiFest at the Minnesota State Fair located in St. Paul, Minnesota on August 24th!

Your favorite musical talents, YouTube stars and more will be there. Acts include, but not limited to Before You Exit, Cimorelli, Ryan Beatty, Jack & Jack and so many more we can’t name them all!

For all ticket and venue information, just head to the DigiFest MN website! Who are you looking forward to seeing at DigiFest MN?

Ryan Beatty’s Heading To Facebook HQ For Q & A Session!

ryan beattyHey, Facebookers! Ryan Beatty will heading on over to Facebook Headquarters on Monday, June 23rd to try out their new Q & A feature! So, make sure you’re ready around 12 p.m. PST and head over to his official Facebook to join in! Have your questions ready, too!

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