Ariana Grande Tweets Out Against Recent Rumors About Her – See Them Here!


Recently, many rumors have been floating around about Ariana Grande. It seems that the rumors got pretty bad and Ariana was definitely noticing them. Ariana was quick to turn to Twitter to express her feelings and share her side of the story in regards to all the rumors. In her tweets, she made sure to let everyone know how much she loves and appreciates her fans. She made the following tweets:

We sure love Ariana as well. We sure did not believe the rumors. Let us know what you think of Ariana’s response by commenting!

Selena Gomez Confirms Shes Single?! – Watch The Interview Here!


Selena Gomez recently attended the Adidas NEO Label runway show yesterday where she was interviewed about fashion, but did she let an important tid-bit of information slip? Selena says, “I live for a good boyfriend t-shirt even if I don’t have one. I just want this feeling,” she told On Demand Entertainment.

Hmm… Selena has been spending a lot of time with her on-again off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber as of lately, but could the dynamic duo be “just friends?” Only time will tell!

What do you think? Is Selena single, or is she keeping her relationship with Justin quiet in front of the cameras? Let us know in the comment section below, and check out her mini interview here!

Jeremy Scott To Team Up With Miley Cyrus For New York Fashion Week?!

Rumors have been swirling that famous designer Jeremy Scott will be teaming up with pop superstar Miley Cyrus for the upcoming New York Fashion Week! The rumors began when Jeremy mentioned a special project that he and Miley were working on around the time of the VMA’s. Jeremy said, “Miley and I have something very exciting we’re brewing up for the future, I’m going to let her announce it. You try to bug her when you see her.”

Hmm, now various sources are stating that Miley and Jeremy will be teaming up on a new fashion line set to debut at NYFW! Jeremy also mentioned that at NYFW this year his models would be “a group of cool kids, rather than models.” Miley sounds pretty cool to us! Do you think that the rumors are true? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Ed Sheeran Slams Miley Cyrus Feud Rumors!!

ed miley
After the VMAs, rumors have been swirling that Ed Sheeran and Miley Cyrus may have beef. Ed recently chatted with Ryan Seacrest on air about how the beef between him and Miley simply does not exist! People have recently been saying that Ed ignored Miley at the awards and that Miley may have mouthed a diss at Ed as he walked by her on the way to the podium to accept his award that night. Luckily the rumors are completely untrue!

Ed says, “Well, I don’t know why people were expecting that [high-five]. I’ve never met her. There was a high-five between me and Scooter [Braun] because I know him, and that was the only high-five. I don’t know what people we’re expecting.”

After slamming the rumors, Ed actually praised Miley and her work saying, “I think she’s a fantastic artist, I think she’s got a great voice, writes great songs.” Would you like to hear a Cyrus-Sheeran collaboration in the future? We sure would!

Check out more of Ed’s interview with Ryan Seacrest HERE in which he discusses touring, song writting, and more!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Spend The Weekend Together!


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been spending more and more time together as of late. This past week, the duo was spotted attending a Bible study and a movie together, and according to sources things are going very well! So well in fact that Justin and Selena spent the weekend together.

Check out this video of Justin rocking some dance moves… can you catch Selena laughing in the background towards the end? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box below. Is “Jelena” back together?!

Selena Gomez Spotted Giving Justin Bieber A Kiss! – Are They Back Together?

Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber back together? Inquiring minds want to know!! Justin recently uploaded a photo of himself getting a kiss on the cheek by Selena while she is being cradled in the arms, with the caption, “Right now everything else is a blur.”

Hmm… the photo has since been deleted from his Instagram, but fans have been left speculating their relationship status ever since! Do you think the Justin and Selena are back together? Let us know your opinions in the comment box below!

Demi Lovato Slams Rumors That She Dislikes The Jenners!

Lately rumors have been swirling that Demi Lovato has beef against the Jenner sisters, Kylie and Kendall, but we’re happy to report that those rumors are completely false! Demi herself even took to her Twitter after the recent Teen Choice Awards to shut down any lingering gossip saying,

“What the hell kind of rumors are spreading right now?! Stop with the drama y’all. I got nothing but tons of love for the K&J sisters!!!! ❤ One of THE most random rumors I’ve ever heard actually. Thanks for the laugh!! Hahaha :P”

We’re so glad that things are all good with these ladies! Such a good reminder to not always believe rumors unless you hear it from someone themselves! We wish these gals all the best!

Bella Thorne Hangs With The Vamps! – Check Out The Fun Photos & Vine Here!

Bella Thorne has been spending some time with her friends The Vamps! Bella and the boys took time out of their busy schedules to catch up and have some fun. The Vamps even uploaded a silly Vine video to keep their fans entertained, while Bella took to Instagram to post some shots, which can be seen below!

The Vamps are releasing their debut EP in the US next week, and have tweeted about filming an upcoming music video very soon. Hmm, could Bella be a future Vamps video girl? We think that would be awesome! Keep an eye on TI for any news if it becomes available!


Madonna & Miley Cyrus Play InstaTag – Is There A Future Collaboration In The Works?!



The fandom world has been swirling with rumors and speculation that Miley Cyrus and Madonna will be teaming up on a new song soon… could this be the confirmation we’ve all been hoping for!? …possibly.

Madonna has tagged Miley Cyrus on a photo of Rebeal Heart lyrics on Instagram and a few minutes later Miley replied to her with a “tongue-out” selfie while while wearing a Madonna shirt.

Are these gals just playing around, or could they be giving fans a big hint on a possible collaboration in the works? We’re hoping for the latter!! Stay tuned to TeenInfoNet as soon as the official word breaks!!

Would you like to hear a Miley and Madonna musical collab in the future? Let us know in the comment box below!!

Miley Cyrus Is Alive, Well, And Getting Racy!! – Photo Here!

Miley Cyrus put the horrible internet death hoax rumors to bed the other day as she took to Instagram to show the world that not only is she happily alive and well, she’s just being Miley!

Miley posted the above photo of her minus a shirt out in the desert, because let’s face it, it’s super hot in Cali and who better to pull off this look than miss Miley?!

We’re glad to see that Miley is doing well and enjoying her summer. Stay cool Miley!

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