PREVIEW: The Fooo Conspiracy Premieres “Roller Coaster” Music Video With Radio Disney TOMORROW!

the fooo conspiracyTomorrow, February 17th, music group, The Fooo Conspiracy, will be exclusively premiering their hit new music video “Roller Coaster” with Radio Disney! That’s not all! Guess who also stars in the music video?

Done guessing? The awesome Alli Simpson from Radio Disney’s The Alli Simpson Show appears in the music video! So, make sure you look on or the Radio Disney app to check out the full featured video!

For now, check out the awesome preview Radio Disney shared on their Instagram below!

Skye Stevens Covers “All Of Me” By John Legend — Watch Now!

skye stevens

After his fantastic cover of “Take Me Home” by Cash Cash, Skye Stevens is back once again with another cover song for you to enjoy!

This time, we get to hear the wonderful song “All of Me” by John Legend with a twist. Skye takes this video cover up a notch with a dizzying roller coaster ride of twists, turns, loop-da-loops and more!

Check it all out below and let us know what you think of this awesomeness!

Bella Thorne Shares Some Lyrics From Her New Album On Twitter – See Them All Here!


Disney Channel star actress and soon to be singer, Bella Thorne, has been keeping herself seriously busy with working on her new album. While keeping her fans filled with anticipation, Bella shared a couple of lyrics from her album which is believed to be titled Roller Coaster which Bella hinted at that it may be coming from her first track. Check out the lyrics Bella tweeted out earlier today:

Why don’t you just come on and take a ride, I’ll melt you like an ice pack inside…

u can come and test me…u can come and try me, I think u might just like me.

boy u know I how feel, u gotta trust me, if u want this for real, u better keep me blushing *.*

I am light years away, u better catch me, i can do this all day, nobody can match me.

everyone’s asking me about you..asking about the dirty little secrets…

we got a thing that we can’t explain

I am gonna do something I might regret….

u gotta come my way… I don’t do the chase

got no time for your advances, I’m just minding my own business.

Bella’s new album is set to come out this summer!

Listen Now: Justin Bieber’s Latest #MusicMondays Single “Roller Coaster”

Justin Bieber, "Rollercoaster"

Justin Bieber is back with another “journal” in his #MusicMondays series! This week? “Roller Coaster,” a more uptempo song than some of his previous offerings. Justin, of course, explains the song better than anyone else ever could, so check out what had to say on his website:

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Justin Bieber Releases Artwork For “Roller Coaster” @justinbieber

Justin BieberJustin Bieber shared his new artwork for his new song, Roller Coaster, as part of his Music Mondays series. Last week, we got to hear PYD. This week we are excited to see what his new track will be about. Will it be another song about Selena Gomez and how their relationship was like a roller coaster ride? I guess we will have to wait to find out. Keep posted with us for a look at his new Music Mondays song that will come out tomorrow at midnight! In the meantime, let us know what you think about Justin’s artwork for Roller Coaster!

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