Nick Jonas Talks Music & Bulking Up For His Role In ‘Kingdom!’ – Video Here!


Nick Jonas took time out of his busy schedule at the recent VMA’s red carpet to chat with KIIS FM in Los Angeles, California about his new music and what he had to go through to bulk up for his new role in ‘Kingdom.”

Check out what’s next for Nick below!

Hollywood Royalty Bill Murray To Play Baloo In Disney’s “The Jungle Book”


Veteran actor Bill Murray has joined the cast of Disney’s The Jungle Book  as the voice of Baloo.

Disney recently announced that Academy Award winner Christopher Walken will play King Louie while Giancarlo Esposito will play Akela, and the previously confirmed cast includes Academy Award winners Ben Kingsley and Lupita Nyong’o as Bagheera and Raksha, respectively; Golden Globe winner Idris Elba as Shere Khan; Scarlett Johansson as Kaa; and newcomer Neel Sethi as Mowgli.

The Jungle Book is a combination of live-action and animation, directed by Jon Favreau from a script by Justin Marks. The film will be released in 3D and arrives in theaters on October 9, 2015.


Taylor Swift Has A “Small, But Crucial” Role In ‘The Giver’ – Find Out More Details Here!


In a recent interview with MTV News, Author Lois Lowry opened up about Taylor Swift’s role in the upcoming novel-based movie The Giver. When asked about Taylor’s role in the film, Lois said the following:

“The role in the movie is still a small role, but it’s a crucial and very important one.

I have a copy of the movie in its final stages here on my computer, and I had my two grandsons here for the Fourth of July weekend — they’re 13 and 15 ,and I showed it to them–probably against the rules–anyways, I asked them was there anything special that they liked best and one of them selected the scene with Taylor Swift.

I don’t think because of Taylor Swift particularly, but because the elements of that particular scene he found very gripping. So her role in the movie is much the same in the book, except in the book she’s only remembered… And in the movie you can see the memory of her. She appears in, I don’t know the technical term would be, but you can see her. And it’s very compelling.”

The Giver is set to hit theaters on August 15, 2014. For a look at the full interview between MTV News and Lois, click here!

Nick Jonas Poses At ‘Navy St.’ Training Camp

Nick Jonas took to Instagram this weekend to share a photo of himself at the end of week one of Navy St. training camp.

Nick is set to play an MMA fighter named Nate Henderson on the TV show. Nick has worked hard on his fitness for the role and also now sports a buzz cut for his character. Are you excited to watch Navy St.?

Bailee Madison Lands Recurring Role In ABC Family’s ‘The Fosters’!


The Hollywood Reporter exclusively learned today that Bailee Madison has just been cast for a recurring role on a new season of ABC Family’s ‘The Fosters!’ It seems like Bailee had to keep the secret but it sure was a hard secret to keep. Earlier today, she tweeted:

“Hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep….”

Bailee just wrapped up production on season one of her current ABC comedy, Trophy Wife. Now, Bailee will make an appearance in the premiere of season two of The Fosters which is set to air this summer. Her character’s name has not yet been revealed. Bailee will begin filming for her new role this Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014.

Congratulations on the new role, Bailee! We sure can’t wait to see her star in The Fosters!

Vanessa Hudgens Talks Gimme Shelter Role On The Today Show! @VanessaHudgens


Vanessa Hudgens talked about what it was like to get gritty for her role in Gimme Shelter! She got to sink her teeth into her character and play a role completely opposite of her daily self. Check out the video from the interview she had at The Today Show at this link:

The movie hits theaters tomorrow, January 24th! Make sure you go see it.

Taylor Swift To Star In Book Turned Movie “The Giver” @taylorswift @thegivermovie

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift is known worldwide for her songs which describe her own experiences as a teenager and young adult. She has been honored as a songwriter in the Songwriters Hall of Fame and has a pile of several achievements. Taylor has won several different awards such as seven Grammy Awards, fifteen American Music Awards and six Academy of Country Music Awards.

Aside from her music career, Taylor has taken up acting. She appeared in the 2010 comedy Valentine’s Day with Taylor Lautner and did voice acting for the 2012 animated film The Lorax. CSI and New Girl are two show the singer also played small parts in.

Now she is furthering her acting career by appearing in a book-turned-movie called The Giver.

The Giver, by Newbury Medal winner Lois Lowry, is the story of Jonas who lives in a perfect society where there are no wars, pain, choices or differences. During the Ceremony of Twelve, a ceremony where children are assigned a job they will perform the rest of their lives, Jonas is chosen by an old man to become the new Receiver of Memories in which he would learn the true pain and pleasure of the ‘real’ world.

Taylor will be appearing in the movie as Rosemary, the daughter of the Giver, who was the child before Jonas to become the Receiver, yet she failed and asked to be released from the job.

She said the role had come unexpectedly and says, “When I played my shows in L.A., I was unaware that people from this movie were in the audience, and I had a role offered to me the next week,” said Swift, who recently ended her Red tour. “I think my shows tend to be very emotional and moody and they saw something they needed in that role. So, I’m very honored and lucky to get to be a part of it, and we’ll see how it goes.”

Her fellow cast mates for the movie include:

Meryl Streep as Chief Elder
Jeff Bridges as The Giver
Brenton Thwaites as Jonas
Alexander Skarsgard as Jonas’ father
Katie Holmes as Jonas’ mother
Cameron Monaghan as Asher
Odeya Rush as Fiona
Emma Tremblay as Lily

The Giver is set to premiere in theaters in August 2014.

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