Dear You Announces New EP “I Can Only Blame Myself” Due Out This October


Southeast TX pop-punk trio Dear You are back with a killer new sound. After a member’s departure, Dear You thought that was the end. But it wasn’t until a realization that they should cherish the memories with that member instead of giving up they decided to come back bigger and better than ever before with a more mature sound and realistic lyrics.

After being inactive for a few month’s, the band is thrilled to announce they will be releasing their new EP I Can Only Blame Myself this October. The first single, “Castles,” will be released on August 20th. The single invites listeners to look at what was going on through the departure from the band’s former member. It is a rock solid welcome back to the scene that will be unforgettable. The single along with the full EP was produced by Louis Moore (Elgin Audio) and mixed and mastered by Kevin Gates Productions.

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Sometimes it only takes a single listen of a single song to know a band is headed to bigger places than the bar in their hometown. For Southeast Texas pop-punk trio Dear You, it is more than just playing music with their best friends, they are here with a statement. Dear You is a band that drives upbeat and thoughtful instrumentals with emotional lyrics and gritty vocals, directing intensity and force into their music.

Drawing musical inspiration from The Dangerous Summer and The Wonder Years, Dear You got their start in 2010 and within the next two years they thrived. They were included in Rock Sound Magazine’s Band’s To Know in 2012, in Alternative Press AP&R section in 2012 and 2013, and secured an opening slot on a few dates of the Heart Attack Tour 2014 (Man Overboard, Transit). Now a year later, the band has solidified their lineup of Chris Roach (vocals), Thomas Marsella (guitar), and Louis Moore (drums) with new material to be released this year.

Taking pride in a deep connection with their fan base, Dear You has proven that the short time they have been together is only the beginning. The trio will be releasing the first single “Castles” on August 20th, from their upcoming EP out this October. The single will reel you in and refuse to let go. Packed with substantial emotion and powerful lyrics, this is a new side of Dear You no one has seen before, and it proves they deserve more than just a moment of your time.

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