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War Games, the Rock Band straight out of Massachusetts, have an exciting year ahead of them!  The five piece has just released their first single, “Foundations” off their upcoming full-length album.  The band has put so much effort into the album and TI got the chance to question War Games about everything from their writing process to their upcoming tour dates!

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What is the most difficult part of writing music?



My experience in writing music over the past 10 years, is that sometimes writing a great song can come to you like second nature and other times it can be extremely hard, lengthy work! I’ve always done my best to write whatever comes most naturally to me, to write honest songs from inspiration. Sometimes when feeling inspired, lyrics and melodies seem to pour from my brain to paper effortlessly. However, other times I’ve spent years on something, put it down and picked it up again when I felt the time may be right. With that said, I’d have to say the hardest part of writing music is critiquing and editing work you’re so invested in and inspired by. Sometimes having to throw something away that you’ve strived to make perfect for so long can be heart breaking.


What makes the writing process easier? What makes it harder?


Writing music is easiest when the music feels honest. When those first initial chords hit you and you’re able to paint a picture of the rest of the song, everything just sort of comes together. That’s not to say that the songs that take the longest are always bad either. Sometimes you sit there and for the life of you can’t figure out where to go next. That’s where writing can get difficult, when you feel like you’ve fallen into a slump. And for every song you create, there’s a million progressions that get tossed in the trash or placed on the back burner. But I’ve found that if you stick with you’ll be able to pull your head back into the right place and finish what you started. – Guitarist Ian Provost


What is it about “Foundations” that makes it a perfect single for the full-length album?


I feel like what makes Foundations the perfect single for our full length is that its a perfect microcosm for the album. It’s dark, but triumphant. It’s heavy and aggressive, but still has these really soft, intimate moments to balance it out. And even though the music is a bit on the dark side the vocals are always positive, always about bettering yourself and moving forward. Foundations has all of that. – Guitarist Ian Provost


You’ve toured all over the U.S./UK, where is you’re favorite place to visit/play? Is there something that distinguishing each place while playing?


Personally my favorite place to visit is Denver Colorado, I love the people, the scenery and some of the laws are pretty awesome as well! As far as a favorite place to play I’d say anywhere in the UK. We’ve had was soo much fun playing shows abroad. It’s honestly a blast playing anywhere, meeting people, learning their stories and making new friendships. The travel aspect of the band is an absolutely great experience – Bassist Andy Calheta


Where did the name “War Games” come from?


The name War Games never really had that “Eureka!” moment actually. We had been playing under the name “Another Option” for a long time and we had always discussed the idea of a name change. When the opportunity to actually change our name presented itself, we all got together and just started throwing names out and writing them on a blackboard. War Games survived the whittling down process, but it still never struck us as THE name. We’d talk about it, go to another name and then we’d come back to War Games. So I guess it got to a point where we all said “alright this is our name now, let’s roll with it.”


What are you most excited for in the upcoming year?


First and foremost I am excited for the release of “Holding Patterns” on March 6th. Immediately following that we leave for a 3 week tour of the UK which is going to be amazing! Also I’m very excited for our show with balance and composure Sunday at the met in Pawtucket RI. 2015 is starting off amazing and I’m also real excited to see what this year has in store for War Games. – Bassist Andy Calheta

Watch Billy Ray Cyrus Sing “Hey Jude” At Beatles Event


Billy Ray Cyrus paid tribute to The Beatles at a 3-day event at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The tribute was for the legendary rock band’s 50th anniversary of their first appearance in L.A.

Billy sang a cover of The Beatles hit song “Hey Jude” Check it out below!

Stages & Stereos Kicks Off The Live Free Die Young Tour In Indy


It has been an eventful year for Tallahassee based band, Stages & Stereos. The band wrapped the Glamour Kills tour with Mayday Parade, Cartel, and Man Overboard in the Fall and released their EP, Small Town Favorites. Today the band is ecstatic to kick off their first headlining tour with The Orphan, The Poet and Darling Parade in Indianapolis. The tour is sponsored by idobi radio, The Gunz Show, Smooth Sailing Clothing Co, and Vita Coco.

Fans of Smooth Sailing Clothing Co and Steven Kopacz (former Go-Radio Drummer) are in for a treat this tour! The brand is offering an exclusive VIP Meet & Greet package for $30 including:

Intimate 2 Song VIP Acoustic Performance by Stages & Stereos before the show

Time to meet and great with the band and take photographs

1 – General admission ticket (Unless you choose the “without” option)

1 – Smooth Sailing Clothing Co. “Live Fast, Die Young” Collab T-Shirt

1 – Custom Stages & Stereos VIP Meet and Greet Laminated Pass

1 – Stages & Stereos Wristband

1 – Stages & Stereos 11″ x 17″ Poster

 *Shirt, pass, wristband & poster will be given day of at VIP Meet and Greet.

 Full tour dates may be found here. Look out for an exciting Spring for this Alternative laced clan and a slew of new content coming soon.

 Stream Small Town Favorites in its entirety via Purevolume.com here.

Learn the stories Small Town Favorites  via PropertyofZack.com here:

Stages & Stereos Social Media:




TI Exclusive: Galvanized Souls “Chops” It Up With Us

image (1)

Our very own field reporter Crystal Ng caught up with up and coming rock band Galvanized Souls; they were performing at the Chop Shop Benefit Concert in Simi Valley, CA. The concert was a fundraiser benefit for the homeless people of Simi Valley, and it featured a number of musical acts.

Galvanized Souls is hard rock band comprised of four Southern California teenagers, whose enthusiasm and dedication to music pushes their abilities well beyond their years. The fearless four-man group was formed in the winter months of 2012, and is comprised of band members Chris (guitar/vocals), Zakk (guitar/lead vocals), Matthew (bass/vocals) , and Kevin (drums).

Galvanized Souls just finished and released their 5 song self titled EP here.

For more information on the guys of Galvanized Souls check out their website GalvanizedSouls.com or on Facebook.

Check out the interview below — WATCH NOW!!

Photo/Video Credits: Crystal Ng

WATCH Factoids – New Video!

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