Joe Jonas Shirtless In Brazil — Photos + Interview!!

Joe Shirtless

After celebrating his Birthday this week in Las Vegas,  Joe Jonas decided to pack up and head to Brazil.  Joe is currently in Rio De Janiero  but did an interview in Sao Paulo.  Check that interview out below.

Like São Paulo?

This is my third or fourth time here and I think the city is great. The people are very friendly and the food is delicious and the fans are very affectionate. It is also different to come by being sponsored by a clothing brand, it’s quite different from what I usually do and this is something that I love.

Do you love fashion?

Fashion occupies a larger and larger in my life. This is something that has always interested me and now I have the opportunity to work closer to the brands. I followed many fashion weeks around the world and worked with magazines, I wrote and performed tests. I really love this universe.

You have at times been voted “the best dressed man” of certain events -.Including the latest fashion week in Milan; you spend a lot of time to prepare?

Yes and no. Of course, I lose more time to prepare for occasions that require a more sophisticated look, but I think not being very stressed when choosing an outfit that is part of this world of fashion. I think it’s important to have your own style, use what you like and expect to compliment someone.

What about women? What catches your eye?

I love women who wear hats, I also think that jewelry is an important detail and I love high heels, really.

And how is your music career?

I did some things, but I now work in a slower process than in the past, when we had to record an album after another. I want to dedicate my time to the music, find my own style.

Any chance to see the Jonas Brothers?

Never say Never. But now I think we are all looking for other things in our lives and careers. We are a family and we are very pleased with the success of the other. Also, the end of the Jonas Brothers was held less than a year. In a few years, who knows, maybe we talk again and this will reflect on what we do have. Now we’re really focused on what we want to do individually.

You have become uncle recently [Kevin, the oldest of the trio, had a daughter in January]. How?

It is wonderful. My niece is beautiful, funny, entertaining, it’s great to be with her when I’m on the East Coast, where my brother lives.

And you already think about becoming a father?

I think everyone thinks, but it’s still far away. For now, I just enjoys being his uncle.

Check out more shirtless photos of Joe  at the Fasano Hotel in Rio on Aug 22nd below.

Demi Lovato Rocks Rio De Janeiro With Her Neon Lights Tour — Check Out The Pics!

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Demi wasn’t able to hit the famous beaches of Rio because of “ruthless” paparazzi, but the upside to that was it meant she had a lot of energy to spend when she hit the stage at Citibank Hall in front of a wild crowd of thousands of Brazilian Lovatics on Sunday night (April 27)! So wild, in fact, that apparently one fan, who tried to rush the stage, bit one of Demi’s security guards when he attempted to stop her! Wow!

Check out the pics of Demi rocking out in Rio in the gallery below now:

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