A Long-Distance Relationship Is Put To The Test On All-New ‘Switched At Birth’ — Promo Vid!


sabSwitched At Birth, All-New Episode — Bay gets an interview for a long-awaited submission with the Kansas City Artist Showcase to have her art be part of a public display but realizes her current status may prevent her from qualifying. When a dorm resident continues to prank the deaf students, Daphne challenges him to a dorm triathlon. Regina finds herself drawn to an East Riverside coffee house and its owner. A birthday milestone gets John thinking about the next chapter in his life. Meanwhile, Emmett makes a new friend at film school who gets him a gig on a real production.

Tune in to ABC Family Tuesday, January 20 at 9/8c!

VIDEO: Rixton Premieres Official “Hotel Ceiling” Music Video!


The awesome UK quartet known as Rixton have released their official music video for their hit single “Hotel Ceiling” – co-written by Ed Sheeran. This amazing video, directed by Clarence Fuller, focuses on the heartbreaking story of an end to a painful relationship.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, vocalist Jake Roche explains “We chose not to be in the video because we didn’t want to distract from the actors who were really able to hone in on this story and convey the meaning of [the] song.”

So grab a box of tissues, perhaps a snack and enjoy the video below!  Remember, “Hotel Ceiling” will be available on Rixton’s debut album Let The Road, out March 3rd, so pre-order Let The Road by going to  http://www.rixtonband.com/preorder.

Alli Simpson + Hunter March Give Advice On Talking To Parents About Dating– Watch Now!

alli hunterBe honest. Do you kiss and tell your parents about your first date with a boyfriend/girlfriend? The answers will always be yes and no. With first relationships, the excitement of having a secret boyfriend/girlfriend might make you forget that perhaps your parents should be in the loop.

Don’t know how to explain such a thing to your mom or dad? Not a problem. Check out what Alli Simpson and Hunter March had to say about telling their parents of having a first date and relationship below.

Tell us if you would kiss and tell. Come on now, don’t be shy.


And The Award For Best PR Blunder For 2013 Goes To… Miley Cyrus + Kellan Lutz

Miley Cyrus + Kellan Lutz at Grand Opening of Beacher's Madhouse in Las Vegas, NVThe Miley Cyrus/Kellan Lutz love fest for 2013 has to get our award for the worst PR blunder in history. Anyone with half a brain could tell that the relationship was set up via a PR Firm and probably it was Kellan’s PR Firm that set it up.

It was just too contrived from the beginning. Suddenly Miley Cyrus is dating him and there had been no previous photos of them together out and about anywhere? Not even a whisper around Hollywood that the two were dating prior to Britney Spears premiere in Vegas. It was so phony and you could see right thought it or at least we hope everyone could.

So what are your thoughts about this?

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