Miley Cyrus Shares Bold New Tour Rehersal Photos!!

Heads up Smilers, we have some ‘Bangerz Tour’ news for you! Miley Cyrus has been taking over the world on tour for months with amazing looks, stage setups, fierce vocals, and more, but it seems that the times they are a changin’! Miley has posted some new photos from her tour rehearsals for the Latin American leg of the ‘Bangerz Tour,’ and boy are they colorful!

Miley and her dancers are channeling some 80’s inspired crazy, cool looks for the next shows! Black, white, rainbow, and more! Miley and her dancers will be lighting up a stage near you very soon!

What do you think of the new looks? Check out more photos below!

Stefanie Scott Rocks Out At Jem & The Holograms Rehersal

Stefanie Scott has been a hard working and hard rocking warrior on the set of Jem & The Hologram. Stefanie will be playing the role of Kimber in the live action remake of the classic cartoon due out soon.

Stefanie took to Instagram to share a behind the scenes photo on set. She posts, “Rehearsals #moviemaking#hairflippin.” Who is your favorite character i Jem & The Holograms?

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