Vanessa Hudgens Is ‘Gigi’ In New Broadway Promo Video – Watch Here!


Vanessa Hudgens is glamorous in a brand new promo for her new Broadway show Gigi. According to the show’s website, Gigi is set in the magical world of La Belle Epoque Paris, where fashion, glamour, and passion prevail. It follows a journey of one young woman to find her true self and her true love.

Previews for the show start on Thursday, March 19 at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York City. Be sure to check out the promo for Gigi in the video below!

Who Will Find Bonnie The Perfect Guy To Date On An All-New ‘Baby Daddy’ — Pics & Vid!


On an all-new Baby Daddy, Wednesday, February 11 at 8:30/7:30c, “The Mother Of All Dates” –In “The Mother of All Dates,” Bonnie is depressed about all the losers she’s been dating lately, so Ben and Danny decide to turn her love life into a contest – whoever sets her up with a decent guy wins. Determined to beat his big brother at something, Ben sets Bonnie up with one of his customers, Frank (Peter Katona), while Danny sets Bonnie up with Ben’s boss, Henderson (David S. Lee). After each brother does everything to make sure his man wins, it quickly becomes clear that Frank and Henderson have their own set of problems. Meanwhile, Riley and Tucker find themselves unwittingly involved in neighbor Sondra’s (Rachna Khatau) marital troubles.

Check out the promo video and screenshots from the new episode below!


A Returned Wedding Gift Poses A Problem On An All-New ‘Melissa & Joey’ — Pics & Vid!


On an all-new Melissa & Joey, Wednesday, February 11 at 8/7c, “Thanks, But No Thanks” — Mel and Joe write their thank you cards to everyone who sent them a wedding gift. Mel goes overboard thanking her Aunt Bunny and Uncle Bert (guest stars Valerie Harper and Peter Bonerz) for a huge cappuccino machine she and Joe actually hate. She has Joe return the machine to the store, but then gets notice that Bunny and Bert are on their way to visit the newlyweds. Meanwhile, Marco (guest star Kevin Fonteyne) gets an offer he can’t refuse.

Check out promo and pics from the new episode below!

PHOTOS/VIDEO: Things Are Turning Bloody On All-New ‘Pretty Little Liars’!


On an all-new Pretty Little LiarsTuesday, February 10 at 8/7c, “Out, Damned Spot” — Senior high school students focus on their future college careers and feel the high pressures that come along with it, and Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are no different. With a grade contingent acceptance, Aria needs to buckle down to improve her grades and looks to Andrew for some tutoring help. Also having college acceptance anxiety, Spencer decides to take a break and help Jonny with a new project. Hanna is doing just fine on her college acceptances but finds out that she has been turned down for financial aid and turns to her dad to help. Meanwhile, Aria and the girls concerns about Mike increase after an incident at the school blood drive.

Check out pics and video below!

A Long-Distance Relationship Is Put To The Test On All-New ‘Switched At Birth’ — Promo Vid!


sabSwitched At Birth, All-New Episode — Bay gets an interview for a long-awaited submission with the Kansas City Artist Showcase to have her art be part of a public display but realizes her current status may prevent her from qualifying. When a dorm resident continues to prank the deaf students, Daphne challenges him to a dorm triathlon. Regina finds herself drawn to an East Riverside coffee house and its owner. A birthday milestone gets John thinking about the next chapter in his life. Meanwhile, Emmett makes a new friend at film school who gets him a gig on a real production.

Tune in to ABC Family Tuesday, January 20 at 9/8c!

Secrets Become Quite A Struggle On All-New ‘Pretty Little Liars’ — Pics & Video Here!


Pretty Little Liars, Episode “Over A Barrel” — Secrets are hard to keep, especially when you are keeping them from a loved one. Spencer searches for Mona’s missing laptop with Caleb’s help but where the search leads them could cross the “Toby approved” line. Aria tries to get up the courage to come clean to Ezra about her lie when she gets diverted by a possible goose chase. And Hanna is stuck in the middle having to cover Ashley’s secret when Pastor Ted returns with big news. Meanwhile, Emily has to put up with Talia’s annoying suggestions at work, as she struggles to come to terms with the end of her relationship with Paige.

Tune in to ABC Family Tuesday, January 20th at 8/7c!


Catch A Sneak Peek Of An All New Episode Of ‘Girl Meets World’ Next Friday!

Girl Meets World credits

In an all new episode of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World starring Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter, titled Girl Meets Game Night, Maya plays a little tug-o-war with Auggie over Josh. Here is a brief description of the episode:

“Cory being excited because it’s family game night which is his favorite night of the month. Cory’s upset about Riley’s friends being there and wants to send them out but he think’s that will push Riley away.”

Be sure to catch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode in the video below and be sure to tune to Disney Channel on Friday, January 9 at 8:30 PM ET/PT!

Catch A Sneak Peek Of An All New Season Of Disney Channel’s ‘Jessie’ Here!


Disney Channel’s hit series, Jessie, starring Debby Ryan, Peyton List, Karan Brar and more, is returning with an all new season (Season 4) in just a couple of days! This Friday (January 9), our favorite stars are returning to our TV screens with all new adventures and episodes.

Be sure to catch a sneak peek of the upcoming season by watching the video below. Be sure to tune to Disney Channel on Friday at 8 PM ET/PT.

WATCH: Sneak Peek Of First Episode Of Season 4 Of Disney Channel’s ‘Austin & Ally’


Beginning last year, we could not wait for the new year to come any sooner knowing that an all new season of Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally starring Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Calum Worthy and Raini Rodriguez, will soon be returning with brand new episodes!

The premiere of the first episode of Season 4 is just a couple of weeks away and we can not wait! To keep us patiently waiting, Disney has released a sneak peek and trailer of the first episode titled “Buzzcuts and Beginnings.” Be sure to check it out by watching the video below and tune to Disney Channel on January 18 at 8 PM ET/PT to catch the premiere!

Laura Marano Is Having A ‘Bad Hair Day’ In New Trailer! – Watch Here!


With the new year here, Disney Channel is getting us ready for some new seasons of our favorite shows as well as some new original movies such as Bad Hair Day starring Laura Marano. In an all new trailer from Disney, we watch as Laura’s character gets herself involved in one of the worst hair situations ever!

Check it out by watching the video below. Bad Hair Day is set to premiere next month!
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