Jake Miller: In The Studio With Red One @jakemiller

1ba3f0f08ed211e3864a1248f379be2f_8Jake Miller got to the Capital Records building yesterday (February 5th) to continue his week working with famous producer Red One. Here he is playing around with Red One and below, working as usual. Jake has been moving along pretty well on making his music, sometimes doing late night studio sessions. But he continues to keep going and with Red One in his corner? He’ll become even greater than he is now.

What do you think of Jake Miller’s music?

Jojo Runs Into The First Producer She Ever Worked With! @jojoistheway


Joanna Levesque, most commonly in the music industry as Jojo, started her singing career when she was just 9 years old. She won the chance to work with a major producer on the Maury Povich show. She has grown so much as an artist since then, and ran into this producer last night! She says on Instagram that it was such a treat and a trip to run into him. Check out the photo above.

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