Katy Perry Is Super Fun And Flirty In “This Is How We Do” Music Video – Watch Now!


Katy Perry shows off a number of some fun and flirty outfits along with some great hair styles that she sure knows how to pull off in her latest music video for her latest single “This Is How We Do.” Despite all the colors and costume changes, the video just makes you want to get up and dance!

Check out Katy’s fun “This Is How We Do” music video by watching it below and let us know what you think of it by commenting!

Katy Perry Announces Her Own Music Label!


Katy Perry sure has had huge success in her music career. With so many hit singles playing on those radio waves, it looks like Katy decided to expand her passion for music. The singer recently announced that she has her own music label called Metamorphosis Music!  She tweeted the following:

“I am so ECSTATIC to finally announce my NEW label Metamorphosis Music & my first signing, the incredibly talented & soulful FERRAS! @ferras”

“Introducing my new label venture with @capitolrecords featuring my first artist FERRAS @ohferras”

Katy is taking over! We sure don’t doubt Katy will be absolutely amazing and we sure look forward to seeing what else Katy has in store in her career and for her fans!


Katy Perry Gorgeous In Green As She Arrives On Set Of Jimmy Kimmel Live And Meets Fans – See The Pics!


Katy Perry arrived on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday (April 21) where the pop singer met with the host of his own show, Jimmy Kimmel, where Katy talked about her new and upcoming music video for her new single “Birthday.” However, upon her arrival, Katy met up with her fans who were outside waiting to spot her and she even signed some autographs.

During her appearance, Katy looked gorgeous in green as she showed off her green colored hair while wearing a black striped and turquoise, sleeveless mini dress, black pointed-toe heels and pink lip stick.

Check out more pics of Katy meeting her fans in the gallery below!

Katy Perry Talks About Upcoming Music Video For “Birthday” On Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Watch Now!


Pop singer Katy Perry appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night where she talked about the upcoming music video for her new single called “Birthday.” In terms of her video for her new single, Katy tweeted:

“Guys. The video for is the most insane one I’ve ever done.”

While talking with Jimmy on the show, Katy chatted about how her Easter holiday went, her green hair, her sister and of course her new music video for “Birthday” where Katy went undercover to make the video and no body even knew. Her upcoming video features real birthday parties where Katy is disguised as numerous and different characters that attend these birthday parties.

Check out what Katy had to reveal in her talk with Jimmy by watching the videos below!

Katy Perry Gets A New Puppy! – See The Pic Here!


It looks like pop singer Katy Perry had a new mascot for her upcoming Prismatic Tour! Katy shared an adorable picture on Instagram of her new puppy named Butters. Along with the photo, Katy wrote:

“Meet my new Prismatic World Tour mascot, BUTTERS! 🐶 #nolongerjustacatlady…”

Butters is absolutely adorable! Let us know what you think!

Katy Perry Releases Lyric Video For “Birthday” – Watch Now!


Why most people will enjoy a cake all to themselves and usually on their birthday, Katy Perry gives us a reason to celebrate everyday and eat cake! The star just released the lyric video for her new single called “Birthday.”

The lyric video is very creative with the lyrics written on different types of desserts and party themed decorations. Also, while most lyric videos don’t usually feature the singer, we get to see a glimpse of Katy at the end who is the baker of all the delicious treats and cakes. Check out the sweet lyric video for yourself by watching it below!

Who wants cake?

Katy Perry Performs ‘Dark Horse’ At The 2014 BRIT Awards! – Watch Now!


The 2014 BRIT Awards took place last night and Katy Perry was among the many performers to take the stage! The pop singer performed her latest single Dark Horse! Of course, her performance of the song during the Grammy Awards was much different compared to the one during the BRIT Awards. Recently, Katy shared her a preview of her music video for Dark Horse and it had more of an Egyptian theme to it and that is exactly what her inspired theme for her performance was – with lots of vibrant and neon colors!

Check out Katy’s performance from the 2014 BRIT Awards in the video below and be sure to catch Katy’s official music video for Dark Horse by clicking here!

Katy Perry Shares Music Video Preview For ‘Dark Horse’ – Watch The Preview Here!

katySinger Katy Perry gave her Katy Cats quite a sweet treat just in time for Valentine’s Day – a preview look at her new music video for her single Dark Horse which comes off of her latest album PRISM! Although it’s not the official music video (which would be even sweeter), at least we get to know what we’re in for!

The music video will debut on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. Katy has been known for her creative and exotic themes for her videos. It looks like Dark Horse will be taking on an Egyptian theme. With a week left until the premiere of the official video, check out Katy’s preview in the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Katy Perry’s Single ‘Dark Horse’ Is Ninth Number One Single! @katyperry

katyLet’s give a round of applause to Katy Perry for scoring her ninth number one single on the Billboard Hot 100! Her new number one single is Dark Horse which is the second, right behind Roar, and comes off her newest, latest and THIRD album, Prism. Katy tweeted:

“Congrats to @therealjuicyj for Dark Horse going #1! My celebration was the same… But different… 😩”

In addition, the singer also shared a photo along with her tweet showing fans her awesome celebration. The celebration consisted of some juice, a healthy lunch and….wigs? Whatever floats your boat, Katy! Congratulations!

Katy Perry Performs ‘Dark Horse’ At The Grammy Awards – Watch It Here! @katyperry

Be8Y6o2CYAAP9eNIs it Halloween? It seemed like it last night during the 56th Annual Grammy Awards when Katy Perry took over the stage to perform her single, Dark Horse, from her latest album, Prism. Katy spooked things up with her dark wonderland of a dark forest filled with creatures of the night such as witches.

Juicy J accompanied Perry. The entire performances was absolutely incredible and blew our minds. In case you missed her performance from last  night, check it out in the video below and let us know what you think of it by commenting!
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