Carrie Underwood Shows Off Baby Bump At Ravinia Festival


Less than a week after the announcement of her pregnancy, Carrie Underwood stepped out to perform at Ravinia Festival with her baby bump in full view.

Carrie performed two nights at the United States’ oldest outdoor music festival on Sept 6 and 7.

On Labor Day 2014, the blonde beauty revealed on social media sites that she’s expecting. She cleverly made a “labor day” pun while dressing her pups in big brother and big sister shirts for the occasion.


BREAKING: Danielle & Kevin Jonas In Hospital – Baby Is On Their Way! @daniellejonas @kevinjonas

kevinEarlier this morning, Kevin Jonas shared with his fans on Twitter that Baby Jonas is on the way! Kevin shared the photo of a hospital computer screen on Instagram and wrote:

“#babyjonas is on the way!! Follow @dreft for all the updates!!!!!!!!! It’s showtime #thisisnotadrill”

Things are definitely getting real now that Danielle is in labor and the couple will soon be welcoming their baby girl! Only soon after sharing the photo from the hospital, Kevin tweeted:

“I’m so excited #BabyJonasIsComing”

We are super excited for Danielle and Jonas and we sure can’t wait to see their beautiful addition to the family. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Baby Jonas and for when the Jonas family reveals their daughter’s name!

Kevin Jonas Shares His Thoughts About The Arrival Of His Baby – See What He Had To Say! @daniellejonas @kevinjonas

danielleDanielle Jonas and Kevin Jonas are so close to welcome their baby girl into the world. Danielle is 9 months pregnant and ready to pop any minute. With reality right before their eyes, things can get a little stressful and surreal. Fans and followers are super excited to meet Baby Jonas but Kevin turned to Twitter a couple of days ago and seemed to be a little nervous. He wrote:

“Crazy how close it’s starting to feel. I really don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve been building this house for us and doing everything I can to get us in before @daniellejonas pops I’m [really] hoping she can hold out just a little longer, but at the same time I want to meet our little girl so badly. Anyway this year is going to be great and today was a good sign of this! Have a great night”

Starting a family of your own is such a big step but we are sure Kevin will be just fine.

Kevin + Danielle Jonas Open Baby Gifts, Share Some Laughs, For New Dreft “Amazing Baby Days” App — Watch Now!

Kevin Jonas + Danielle Jonas, Dreft Detergent "Amazing Baby Days" App Video

Expectant parents Kevin and Danielle Jonas have teamed with Dreft Detergent to promote their new “Amazing Baby Days” app — created to “collect & cherish every amazing moment” both before and after the birth of the new bundle of joy — with these adorable new videos. The happy couple demonstrates the usefulness of the app’s gift tracking and sharing features as they open gifts and show off their favorite items and moments as they get ready for the arrival of Baby Jonas!

We’re pretty sure we’ve never seen anything cuter in our lives, so need a smile and a laugh today? Watch the videos below now:

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Danielle + Kevin Jonas’ ‘Fit Pregnancy’ Baby Shower — See The Baby Bump in Glorious HQ!

Danielle + Kevin Jonas, 'Fit Pregnancy' Baby Shower

Fit Pregnancy magazine threw their December/January cover stars and expectant parents Danielle and Kevin Jonas a special baby shower in New York City on Tuesday, December 3rd. We’ve been bringing you all of the pictures, so of course we couldn’t pass up on sharing this gorgeous high quality gallery of the happy couple at the party. This might be our favorite set yet, if only for the big smiles and that baby bump! Check them all out now:

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More Pictures From Danielle + Kevin Jonas’ ‘Fit Pregnancy’ Baby Shower!

Last night, we brought you a first look inside the beautiful baby shower Fit Pregnancy magazine hosted for their December/January cover stars and expectant parents Danielle and Kevin Jonas in New York City on Tuesday (December 3rd). Now you can check out even more adorable pictures from the event in the gallery below. We can’t get enough of that baby bump and the couple looks like they both had a great time and received a ton of useful gifts!

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‘Fit Pregnancy’ Throws Cover Stars Danielle + Kevin Jonas A Baby Shower — Get A First Look Here!

Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle had a ton of fun being the cover stars of the December/January issue of Fit Pregnancy magazine, and from the adorable photo shoot to the candid interview the couple gave, we’ve been enjoying watching Dani’s baby bump grow and hearing all about the experience every step of the way, too!

Today, to celebrate the pair (and, of course, Baby Jonas herself!), the mag threw the couple another baby shower on Tuesday night (December 3rd) in New York City! Our favorite decorations? Super cute baby pictures of Kev and Dani hung up all around. Okay, and we’re also suckers for the stacked building blocks with “Baby Jonas” written on them.

Check out the gallery below for a first look inside the event, where the couple added to their already huge haul of gifts for the luckiest little girl in the world and were even entertained by a magician! We just love how happy they look, don’t you?

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Find Out How Danielle Jonas Broke The Big News To Kevin + More With A Look Inside Fit Pregnancy

Wondering how Kevin Jonas found out he was going to be a dad? Fit Pregnancy was the first to get the big scoop on how his wife Danielle broke the happy news in their December/January issue which features the beautiful couple on the cover!

“First,” she revealed, “I took like 12 tests to confirm it. Then I took all the socks out of his drawer and filled it with diapers and a bib that said, ‘I love Daddy.’ I also put all the tests in there and a sign that said, ‘I’ll meet you in nine months.’ Then I put his socks downstairs in a basket. When he got home, I was like, ‘Kevin, can you go put your socks upstairs?’ And he said, ‘Can I just eat first?'” The daddy-to-be, however, made his way upstairs and when he did? “I was in shock,” he admitted. “I was just like, ‘Oh, my God, it’s happening! My life’s about to change completely! It was cool!'”

If you haven’t been able to find a copy of Fit Pregnancy on newsstands yet, you can take a look inside the mag and read some more about everything from the Jonas’s baby registry to the recent health scare Danielle had and the adjustments she’s made since. Check it all out in the gallery below. Be sure to click through for the full size images for easy reading!

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