Cops Called To Selena Gomez’s House For A Second Time–Get The Details!!


It seems like Selena Gomez is having her fair share of trespassers this week. According to reports, police were called to her home today, April 4th, after receiving a burglary call. This makes the second incident this week for Sel as earlier this week police arrested someone breaking into her guest house. The perpetrator was sentenced to 45 days in jail.

Police are investigating this latest incident but no arrests have been made yet and there are no reports of any theft or property damage.

What do you guys think of the problems Sel has had with these intrusions?

UPDATE: More details have come out concerning this latest incident. Che Cruz was placed under arrest and he was the same person that was arrested on Sunday for breaking into Sel’s guest house according to reports. Che was released on Wednesday due to jail overcrowding. This time his bail has been set at $20,000 for violating the protective order from the last incident.

Breaking News: Justin Bieber Facing Assault Charge In Canada


Justin has been all over the news and social media lately, but for all the wrong reasons. CNN reported, “Justin Bieber arrived at a Toronto police station Wednesday evening to face an assault charge in connection with an encounter with a limousine driver a month ago. Bieber’s arrival was a chaotic scene as determined photographers, reporters, screaming fans and the curious converged around his SUV. About a dozen Toronto police officers shoved their way through the crowd to escort Bieber, getting him through the door only after a struggle.”

This is Justin’s second arrest in a week, after briefly being jailed in Miami last Thursday for charges of drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

We are glad that he turned himself in, but let’s hope that this is Justin’s last run-in with the law for AWHILE.

Justin Bieber’s Beliebers Defend Him

justinJustin Bieber has quite a few faithful fans who call themselves “Beliebers.” Even after police searched his home and found cocaine, and the whole egging-the-neighbor incident, they are standing by his side. Check out some of their tweets:

justin fansWill you Tweet for Justin?

Breaking News: Justin Bieber Detained By Police–Details Here!!

Justin-Bieber-And-Selena-Gomez-Past-InstagramIt is being reported that Bieber is being detained by police this morning as they search his house after obtaining a felony search warrant. The search warrant was issued because police are investigating an egging incident that he was involved in recently that reportedly caused $20,000 in damage. The police are looking for surveillance video or any other evidence concerning the egging.

The report stated that “Deputies are detaining Justin in his garage right now while they search. We’re told they are also looking for surveillance video from Justin’s house that might capture the egging incident.”

The report goes on to say that “…this is a FELONY search warrant — meaning Justin is under a microscope for a crime that could land him in prison.”

Also anything within Justin’s house could be confiscated as evidence and further charges filed if the police find contraband.

Justin may be charged with a felony because of the egging incident. We will keep you guys informed of further developments.

Justin Bieber Egging His Neighbor’s House?

justin-bieber-egg-neighbors-houseIt’s not easy to stay out of trouble is it? It’s like a chain-reaction that seems endless. And Justin Bieber’s chain-reaction seems never ending itself.

In recent word, Justin Bieber has been accused of throwing eggs at the front door of his neighbor’s house! Because of it, the L.A. County Sheriff was called in to the scene where he was allegedly continuing to throw the eggs.

His neighbor says he heard banging against his house Thursday night, and when he went to investigate, there was Justin throwing eggs. According to the neighbor, Justin actually aimed directly for him once he stepped outside on the balcony and got into a verbal dispute back and forth.

The police took an incident report from the neighbor, the report calling what Justin did a misdemeanor. Though the neighbor says the damage exceeds more than $400 which could easily become a felony.

What do you think about this? Let us know!

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